Damian on The Glee Project 108

This week’s theme was definitely one of the biggest challenges we have had to do so far. It's very much the most subtle of music videos that we have made, and it was hard, for each and every one of us. It was a real acting challenge, and it's as intense as acting can get. The camera is SO close to us, and is picking up everything. So it was difficult, but it was one that I really enjoyed.

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I really enjoyed the Homework Challenge this week. It was definitely the simplest one we have done, and didn't involve any stripping or pelvic thrusts!!!!!! It's a great song. I think everyone loves the song True Colors, including us, so it was a nice and relaxed, but still very difficult homework challenge.

The big music video this week was, in my opinion, the toughest yet. It’s weird because it is the most simple we have done. There was no slushes, no floor work, no kissing!! But it was so difficult. I have not had much acting experience, if any, and this week in itself was a real learning curve for me. And, as mentioned before, I am a big performer. Because of my experience from performing in theatres and arenas, I perform big. So it was such a huge challenge for me, to tone that WAY down, and make it me as simple as I’ve ever been. Robert mentioned to me about my eyebrows. I had to tone them down even more. At that stage, for me, that was no eyebrow action, trust me!! So it just shows how small it has to be. So I tried to almost cut them out, and that’s hard for me, because I struggle to control my eyebrows. They just move naturally. It’s how I express myself. So I think this music video just showed how far I have come in this competition -- more than any other, because it was so simple, and it was the little things that counted.

It was different filming the video this week because the judges were so close, and we could see their every reaction. So, sometimes it was a little distracting, but once we all got into the mode, it was fine and the concentration level was intense for this. I had to stay in character the whole time.

When I was told I wasn't in the bottom 3, I was ecstatic!!!! I mean, particularly, because of last week, I felt I had to show something extra special to save myself from performing for Ryan again. Knowing I had done that, and me and Alex both had escaped the bottom, meaning the other 3 who had never been there were performing for Ryan was an amazing feeling. It was a real sense of achievement, and I was in shock. TOP 4?? Didn't see this coming at all.

Hannah being eliminated was so sad for me. She was such an amazing friend to me in TGP, and Hannah has a huge heart. I mean, you will never meet a nicer, more pleasant girl than Hannah. She is so talented, and I was surprised she was sent home. In my opinion, she is what “Glee” is all about more than anybody else left in the competition. Hannah is “Glee.” Let me tell you, when she left I was in floods of tears. Me, Hannah and Cam, we were a real team. We got each other through this experience, and I felt lonely. I mean, I get along with everybody great. I really do, but us 3 were different. We clicked. And I am now the only 1 of the three left. It was a hard moment for me. To lose a great friend and then to realize that in two weeks I’d lost my two best friends. Hannah is a friend for life. She is so beautiful and SASSY!! Haha...that girl....there is never a dull moment, she is a star.

Being in the final 4 is just amazing. I feel honoured, I feel amazed, I just feel incredible. I know I've been to the mill and back in this show, but it has made me even stronger than what I was at the beginning. Sure, I have aged and I now have wrinkles, but it’s worth it!!!! It will be tough, but I can put the fact I am in the semi-finals in my back pocket and move on. I didn't come here for top 4 -- amazing as it is -- I came here to win. I wanted critique, I wanted advice, I wanted to be told: "You’re getting there Damian." I knew coming in, I was nothing compared to these kids who have grew up with a Broadway background. I'm a kid from a little town in Ireland, fighting his own battles in the biggest country in the world, and I am proud of what I have achieved. I feel I have come a long way, and more importantly, I feel ready. I want this to be my time. More than ever.

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