Glee Fashion Recap: Episode 11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Danielle reviews the fashion from Episode 11 of Glee.Rachel's wardrobe channeled her last name in this week's episode of Glee. Red was the dominant color among Miss Berry's many looks, whether she was avoiding a tackle in a McKinley football uniform or zombie-ing it up with fellow Glee clubbers during the halftime show. Rachel wore this red toggle coat and red shirtdress during this episode. If you love Rachel's style, here are some easy ways to infuse her look into your wardrobe.

- Loafers. Rachel is almost always wearing penny loafers, but why stop at boring brown? You can find comfortable loafers in a rainbow of colors.

- Unusual graphics. Giraffes, horses, owls, sailboats - Rachel's sweaters are often adorned with big, eccentric graphic embellishments. This cardigan, with its asymmetrical stripes, is all Rachel.

- Stars. Though gold stars are Rachel's signature, this bold red star tote, is perfect for carrying sheet music...and maybe a football playbook.

- Delicate jewelry. Rachel's accessories are never flashy or overdone. These tiny bow earrings are just the right size.

If you love her style, try some of these Rachel-inspired pieces in hues of cherry, apple, and of course...berry.

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