Glee Fashion Recap: Episode 12 - Silly Love Songs

Danielle reviews fashion from Silly Love Songs!Brittany, Santana and Quinn quit the Cheerios, and that can only mean one thing. Two, actually. The wrath of Sue Sylvester, and more importantly, a boatload of new fashion! We're familiar with Quinn's feminine style from the first season of Glee - lots of feminine dresses, flowy cardigans, and ballet flats. And as the resident tough girl - soon to be usurped by Lauren - Santana's style is chic and edgy. But what about Brittany? How does the girl who follows "I'm torn" with "I'm Brittany" assemble a wardrobe? Let's find out...Eclectic and a bit eccentric, just like her. Who else but Miss Pierce would drape an animal-shaped scarf around her neck or pair over-the-knee knit socks with ankle boots and suspender shorts? Whether she's wearing a winter hat with earflaps or a sequined beret, Brittany manages to look amazing, and there's nothing she can't dance in, either.After last night's episode, my email blew up with requests for the pajamas worn by Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt during the slumber party scene. As soon as I saw Mercedes' sock monkey footie pajamas, I knew I had to have them for myself. Of course, Kurt has a matching robe to go with his navy PJs with white piping. Rachel's bright pink heart pajamas looked comfy and cute - perfect for your next sleepover. What Glee character's style do you identify with most?
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