Glee Fashion: Sam or Blaine?

Which new guy's look do you prefer?If you've been following @TheGleeProject on Twitter, you know that Glee's newest cast members, Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss, came out to cheer on the hopeful contestants who might become their castmates in the near future. Their characters, Sam and Blaine, have distinct - and very different - styles.

Sam's look is casual, relaxed, and athletic. Hoodies, baseball shirts, jeans, and sweats make up the bulk of his wardrobe. Messy, unkempt hair matches his laid-back style.

When Blaine isn't wearing his Dalton uniform, his style is probably a modern version of the classic preppy look. Khakis, cashmere sweaters, loose ties and an over-the-shoulder satchel are staples in his closet.

Both Sam and Blaine have amazing talent -- that's undeniable. When it comes to style, which character do you like best? The relaxed athletic guy or the collegiate prep? Leave your comments below!
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