Ellis on The Glee Project 110

It felt awesome to be brought back for the finale! It was great to have a kind of "family reunion" and it was really nice to be working with the group for one more week together. :)

I felt pretty good overall about who was in the finals. Obviously, they're all very talented, but I think the only surprise finalist was Samuel. I honestly wasn't sure about him as a finalist, but he blew me away with his final performance and made me eat my words. :)

It was fantastic to learn choreography again with Zach and be in the recording studio with Nikki. I missed Zach so much. He's one of my favorite people ever, and getting the chance to work with him again was incredible. Nikki is fun and hilarious and I missed getting to work with her and learn from her, and I missed the studio. Honestly, the week was a blast because all the pressure was off. I wasn't singing-for-my-life as it were. I was just there to have fun and be a part of it all, so I had a great time! I really wanted to live the experience to the fullest since it would be our last journey together on The Glee Project. I enjoyed every minute of it -- recording, goofing off in the dorms, and especially dancing on that oh-so-awesome helipad for "Raise Your Glass". :) It was a great ending to a great experience.

What I learned the most from the competition is that it is important to be myself and never lose faith in who I am as a person, my individual strengths, and my talent. The Glee Project was a very rocky experience, though fantastic, and it really changed how I view myself and the world, for better or worse. I've learned valuable life lessons about people, trust, and show business and these are things I will always remember and the experiences I will draw upon for the rest of my life. I am prepared now to take on whatever comes next, to keep chasing my dreams until I can't run anymore and to never let anyone discourage me. For that, I thank everyone involved with The Glee Project, my fellow contenders, the mentors, everyone. Thank you for my time with you. You have made me stronger as a performer and made me stronger as a person and I will never forget what you have given me. Thank you.

I am attending college in the Fall for vocal performance and getting back in the swing of things music-wise. I'm recording demos which I put up on my YouTube channel, fluffystenseiga, and working on songs of my own so I can hopefully release a few on iTunes this year. I'm also scoping out auditions and looking for my next adventure, wherever that may be. If you're ever in Chicago, maybe you'll run into me! :)
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