Emily on The Glee Project 101

Our first homework assignment was so much fun! The theme was individuality and I was so stoked! I had the first line and was thinking, "Damn, how the heck do I show who I am in like 6 seconds?" So I started practicing things I could do with the line. I wanted to show who I am, and where I'm from. Basically, I wanted to show that I'm a real spicy urban chick! I was so happy when Darren got exactly what I was trying to express right on the spot! P.S. He's hot!!

I love, love, love Zach Woodlee!!! I am in love with his energy and smile! He made the whole experience a thousand times more amazing! Zach is so much fun, but when he means business, that is it. Zach judged us on our work ethic. It didn't matter if you couldn't dance, what mattered was the effort. Yeah, he loved to joke, but when it came down to business there was no fooling around -- especially when there is limited time, and people had two left feet!

Working on ‘Firework’ was a dream come true! Many of us dreamed of being in an actual music video. We all imagined what we would do and practiced singing in our mirrors with a hair brush! I'm so grateful for that dream to come true. I loved the whole process: the makeup, the clothing, and especially the filming! I want to do that every day for the rest of my life. Watching everyone do their thing was so thrilling!! When it was my turn, I had little knots in my tummy. I gave it my all, but sometimes what you think you’re giving and what is actually coming out aren't quite the same. My favorite parts were definitely "Boom boom boom" and the dancing at the end!!
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