Emily on The Glee Project 102

I was super excited for this week's theme--Theatricality!! Bad Romance is such a fun song, and I love Lady Gaga!! I couldn't believe we met Idina Menzel! She is an amazing singer and performer. I can't believe we had the honor of performing for her! I was disappointed I didn't win the challenge, but happy that at least my friend, Alex, did! He definitely deserved this privilege. He did really well on this challenge. I will admit however that I was jealous!!

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My favorite part of shooting the music video this week was smashing the guitar... Well trying to smash it! I think they set me up there, ‘cause nothing was gonna break that! Basically, the whole video was such a blast to shoot. I loved my costume - the hat was super cool.

I love Matheus, so I was sad to see that he was in the bottom 3. It was also sad to see Ellis go home. She is a cool person, and I know her heart was in this!

See what Ellis had to say about her elimination here.

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