The Glee Project Episode 2 Recap

And so week two of “The Glee Project” comes to a close. One more contender down and the competition is getting harder than ever!

This week’s theme was theatricality. To mentor the contenders on this theme was none other than Broadway superstar and Tony Award winner Idina Menzel (RENT, Wicked). The contenders were thrilled to have Idina on board, and gave it their all to show her that they deserved to be the winners of this week’s challenge. Singing Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, each contender tried to embody theatricality and prove to Idina that they should be the winner.

The decision was hard for Idina, but ultimately she chose Alex as the winner. A big fan of Idina’s, Alex could not be happier to win the challenge and a one-on-one tutoring session with one of his idols. As Alex wrote in his blog, Idina really helped him dig deeper within himself in order to really emote when singing.

This week the gang shot a music video for “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. The shoot was a lot of fun. The contenders rose to the challenge and gave it their best effort. Crazy costumes, great music and dancing (duh!), and Ellis even got her first kiss!! But at the end of the day, this is a competition, which means that someone has to win and someone won’t be getting a callback.

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The mentors put Matheus, McKynleigh, and Ellis in the bottom three for this week, and assigned them each a song that played to their strengths. The contenders then had just a couple of hours to prepare, before performing their songs for “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, who along with Robert and Zach would make the final call. Matheus sang “Gives You Hell” by The All American Rejects, Ellis sang Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife,” and McKynleigh sang "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin. All three gave it their all, but at the end of the day the mentors decided that it was Ellis’ time to go home.

See what Ellis had to say about leaving the competion here, and watch her exit video here.

The stakes are high, the competition is getting tougher, and the competitors are fearlessly pursuing their dream of winning a seven episode guest starring role on “Glee”. Be sure to catch the next episode of “The Glee Project” which will feature “Glee” cast member Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Bieste) mentoring the contenders on the week’s theme ‘Vulnerability’, with a unique perspective. Singing Tears for Fears’ haunting “Mad World,” the contenders reveal their deepest insecurities, with one startling and very personal revelation about one contender’s past. You won’t believe the turns this episode takes, and you’ll be shocked by who end up being sent home. Tune in next Sunday at 9/8c for the next episode of “The Glee Project”, only on Oxygen.

See an exclusive sneak peak of next week's episode here!

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