The Glee Project Episode 4 Recap

The contenders did fabulously during their performance, which made the decision a tough one.The contenders rocked their socks off with this week’s theme of “Dance-Ability”! Some were mortified, some were ecstatic, but ultimately, it’s not about who’s the best dancer. The mentors wanted to see who could bring the most energy and personality into their movements, and the contenders did just that.

As this week’s guest mentor, Harry Shum Jr. (GLEE’s Mike Chang) had the privilege to give some one-on-one coaching to this week’s assignment winner. After he chose them, that is. The contestants may not have been the best dancers in the world, but they wowed Harry with their commitment and energy. But when he had to choose, Harry picked Samuel as the winner, and Samuel couldn’t be more happy (or surprised)! The two had an awesome session where Harry coached Sam in the art of physical expression.

The week went on, and it was time to tackle the music video. In tandem with this week’s theme, the shoot was physically the hardest yet, and the contenders had to work a lot on their dancing. Set to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”, the music video kicked butt. Marissa impressed Damian with her booty-shake, and Samuel, as the assignment winner, got to show off his rapping skills (with a little help from Hannah)!


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Now that the fun part was over, it was time to get down to business, and the mentors decided to place Alex, Matheus and McKynleigh in the bottom three. The mentors didn’t like Alex’s attitude, and Matheus wasn’t much better. Meanwhile they felt McKyneligh wasn’t fully committing to her performance. For their Last Chance Performance songs, the mentors chose “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood for McKynleigh, “Down” by Jay Sean for Matheus, and Whitney Huston’s “I’ll Always Love You” for Alex.

Each of the contenders did fabulously during their performance, which made the decision a tough one. Finally, despite her unanimously acclaimed performance, the mentors decided to send McKynleigh home. They felt that Matheus and Alex still had something special that GLEE didn’t have, and weren’t willing to give them up just yet.

See what McKynleigh had to say about being eliminated here.

It only gets harder with every passing week, and the next episode of The Glee Project is no exception. With a theme of “Pair-Ability”, the contenders tackle duets, and some very challenging material. Darren Criss returns to the show to help the contenders work in pairs, and the contenders are more than happy to have him. The challenge is new, the rules are changed, and one more GLEE hopeful gets sent home. You won’t want to miss the next episode which airs Sunday, July 18th, only on Oxygen.

Check back Thursday to watch the full episode of Dance-Ability here.

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