The Glee Project Episode 5 Recap

Duet means two, and two is much less than eight, so we couldnt have one group music video this week.The competition was shaken up last night as the contenders faced an entirely new ballgame with “Pair-Ability” week. That’s right, that means… duets!

For the week’s assignment, the contenders all sang Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”. The mentors paired Samuel with Lindsay, Damian with Hannah, Marissa with Cameron, and Alex with Matheus, who rose magnificently to the challenge of singing this duet with another guy. All pairs impressed this week’s guest mentor, Darren Criss, but when it came down to it, he chose Marissa as the winner.

See more pictures from the episode here.

Since she won the challenge, Marissa got to pick who she wanted to be partnered with for the music video challenge. Who knew this would cause so much d-r-a-m-a?! The thing was that Marissa felt that Cameron wasn’t comfortable being intimate and that he would hold her back, so she picked Samuel instead. Cameron felt quite dejected, but it’s okay, he got to sing with Lindsay instead (though she did slip a quick one on him… Dear, dear!) See the kiss that changed everything here.

Duet means two, and two is much less than eight, so we couldn’t have one group music video this week. Instead, each pair got to film their own little music video. Since Marissa won the challenge, not only did she get a guest appearance in Matheus and Damian’s video, but she and Samuel got a private coaching session with Darren. Charming as always, Darren helped them focus their work and take it to the next level. And it paid off, as Marissa and Samuel were the only ones who didn’t have to perform for GLEE creator Ryan Murphy in the Last Chance Performances.

That’s right! In a surprise move, the mentors decided that the three remaining pairs would all have to perform for Ryan, and the bottom three (and ultimately the eliminated contender), would be decided based on those performances.

So we got to see and hear a lot from the contenders in all sorts of different vocal combinations, which certainly didn’t make the decision any easier for the judges. But when all was said and done, Matheus, Cameron and Alex found themselves faced with elimination. The mentors felt that Matheus wasn’t bringing what they wanted to the competition, that Cameron was too uncomfortable with intimacy to perform well this week, and they were not happy with Alex’s attitude. Earlier, Damian stood up for Matheus and told the judges that Alex was bringing him down, which made Alex feel that if he was eliminated it would be Matheus’ fault. But it was not to be. The judges came to the conclusion that it was time for Matheus to go.

See what Matheus had to say about being eliminated here, and watch his extended exit interview here.

Next week, we reach our half way point, with only six contenders left! As the pressure mounts, the contenders face the fiercest theme yet: Tenacity. The competition gets heated, but things take a turn for the cold when the cast gets slushied by the week’s guest mentor Max Adler (GLEE’s Dave Karofsky). Who will trudge ahead fearlessly, who will freeze facing the week’s challenges, and which six will take a step closer to winning the dream guest role on GLEE? To find out, tune in next Sunday, July 24th at 9/8c when the next episode of the summer’s so new competition series, “The Glee Project”, airs only on Oxygen.

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