The Glee Project Episode 7 Recap

Things got steamy this week as the contenders faced the most sensual theme yet – “sexuality”. They were all pushed way out of their comfort zones, but luckily they had Mark Salling (GLEE’s Noah “Puck” Puckerman) and Ashley Fink (GLEE’s Lauren Zizes) to show them the ropes on the hottest of topics.

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The homework assignment was “Like a Virign” by Madonna, and the contenders wowed Robert, Mark and Ashley with their daring rendition. Samuel especially impressed them with his equal-opportunity sexiness – it was so cool how he could be sexy with both a girl and a guy. So Samuel won the challenge and got a one-on-one mentoring session with Mark and Ashley! SO fun.


This week’s music video shoot was to Katy Perry’s hit “Teenage Dream”. For this video, the contenders were split into pairs, and the video was a montage of their three separate stories. Damian and Lindsay were the jock and the cheerleader, Cameron and Hannah were being super cutesy and flirty while cooking dinner, and Alex and Samuel were rockin’ out in a garage. The video went super well, but the judges were not impressed when Cameron refused to kiss Hannah. So when it came time to name the bottom three, that did not stand in his favor.




The judges decided to put Alex, Damian, and Cameron in the bottom three. They thought Alex was too over the top, felt that Damian’s performance fell short and that he was outshined by Lindsay, and were frustrated with Cameron’s failure to take direction. For their last chance performances, Cameron was asked to sing the Beatle’s classic “Blackbird,” Alex was set to sing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, and Damian was given the timeless Irish ballad “Danny Boy”.


Alex knocked the judges off their chairs with his incredible vocals. There was no way he was going home after that performance! It was UNREAL.


Damian, on the other hand, struggled with “Danny Boy”. He had performed it so many times, and he lost his spark.


Cameron nailed the Beatle’s “Blackbird”, but Ryan wanted to know what happened on set. Cameron explained that his religious beliefs and morals were more important to him, and that he would stand up for them. When Ryan challenged him and asked him what would happen if he needed him to kiss Lea Michele on the GLEE set, Cameron told him that he was right, and that this probably wasn’t the place for him. The judges couldn’t believe their ears – was Cameron quitting??


Ryan came to see Cameron back stage. He told him that he was so impressed with him and his unique perspective that he decided to call him back and respect his boundaries going forward. But Cameron felt that The Glee Project just wasn’t right for him. He shocked the judges and the other contenders when he decided to cross Damian off the “Not Called Back” list, and wrote his own name in instead. Cameron left the competition on his own terms, and gave up his spot to the other contenders who he felt wanted and deserved the dream role on GLEE more. Seriously, what a guy. Who does that? Cameron does.


Next week is “Believability” week, and the contenders are challenged with the simplest, yet most difficult task: keeping it real. And who better to help them than… drum roll please!.. Jenna Ushkowitz (GLEE’s Tina Chang). In her honor, the contenders sing Tina’s first solo on GLEE, and one of Jenna’s personal favorites – the beautiful “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. The contenders reveal their innermost feelings, hurt, and insecurities in their quest to truthfully portray the pain of rejection. You won’t want to miss this moving episode, and you’ll be stunned by who the judges decide to send home. So be sure the catch the next tear-jerker episode of the summer’s hottest competition series, The Glee Project, which airs next Sunday, August 7 at 9/8c, only on Oxygen.

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