The Glee Project Episode 9 Recap

What a week! Surprises, twists, major cuteness, and more stunning performances from our contenders! We’re so excited we’re getting ahead of ourselves though, so let’s take it back to the beginning.

This week’s theme was “Generosity”, and the contenders sang Bill Wither’s “Lean On Me”, for none other than guest mentor Kevin McHale (GLEE’s Artie Abrams) who sang the song on the hit Fox show. The contenders knew that at this point in the competition, it was all or nothing – they had to prove that they deserved to be there. Kevin loved their performances, but was most enthralled by Lindsay, who thus won her first homework assignment! That meant that Lindsay got to work one-on-one with Kevin, which was super cool.

But Kevin wasn’t the only guest this week. The judges surprised the contenders by assigning them each a guest mentee of their very own! Damian got Liam, Alex got Alegria, Lindsay got Lily, and Sam got Alexander. Liam, Alegria, Lily and Alexander are all super talented L.A kids. Because they come from disadvantaged backgrounds, the music programs in their school are in danger of being cut, and the mentors brought them in to show the contenders and the world what a shame that would be. These amazing young musicians showed the contenders their passion for music, and humbled them with their talent. Though the contenders were technically the ones mentoring the kids, they learned a lot from them as well. It was a great day to be in The Glee Project.

Now it was time for the music video. This week the contenders sang My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”. The contenders were of course joined by the little ones, who rocked out just as hard! The video was challenging, but fun, and the mentors were pleased with the results. In fact, they couldn’t bring themselves to choose a bottom three, and therefore asked all four contenders to perform a Last Chance Performance. None of the contenders were thrilled to have to sing for Ryan, but they all braced themselves and gave their best performance.

Lindsay sang “Defying Gravity”, the anthem of musical Wicked, and wowed the judges with her touching and beautiful rendition. Alex sang Lauryn Hill’s “His Eye is On the Sparrow” and, connecting with the memory of his father’s funeral, gave a truly moving performance. Damian sang “I’ve Gotta Be Me” from the Broadway musical Golden Rainbow, and his performance was as charming and captivating as ever. Last, but certainly not least, Samuel sang the classic “My Funny Valentine” from the musical Babes in Arms, and gave a strong and soulful performance.

The judges just didn’t know what to do. All four were so talented and performed so well; no one fell short. It was just impossible to send anyone home after those awesome performances, so the judges decided that they would not have a final three. Instead, the judges hung up the callback list, and Samuel, Alex, Damian and Lindsay were stunned to see that they were all called back! That’s right! Instead of a final three, the judges decided that the top four would compete in next week’s final!

BLOGS: What did the contenders think of Ryan's shocking decision?? Read their blogs to find out!

Next week is the season finale of The Glee Project. Who will win the dream roll on GLEE and who will go home? Will it be Lindsay’s incredible vocals that do the trick? Damian’s charm? Sam’s intensity? Or maybe Alex’s stunning versatility in drag? The competition is coming to an end, and the competitors are fighting tooth and nail to win their dream role on GLEE. Surprise guests join the flock, and Ryan has twists and turns planned for our competitors as they face the final leg of the competition. You will be blown away by the finale of The Glee Project, so be sure to tune in next Sunday, August 21st at 9/8c as the summer’s hottest competition series comes to a close, only on Oxygen.
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