Hannah on The Glee Project

I think what makes me special is my unique heart. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, which is a beautiful thing but also pretty painful at times. But I think that this makes me very genuine which allows people to easily relate to me. I have been told that there is a feeling of warmth that I give to people and I feel like that is my heart doing what it does best, loving everybody!

When I first saw who the other top twelve contenders were, I noticed that there were a few people that I didn't really know at all. But I was surprised by the amount of people I knew from the callbacks. Lindsay, Damian, Ellis, Marissa, Matheus and I had spent time together at callbacks so I was super excited to see them there! I remember seeing Cameron and thinking "Wow, he's tall... and kind of cute." I had not spoken to Sam at all before making the top twelve so my first impression was that he was too cool for school. He seemed pretty quiet which could be taken as arrogance, but I wanted to get to know him and give him a fair chance. Emily was full of attitude! I thought "Oh lordy, here we go..." But now that Ive gotten to know her, I love her dearly. When I first met Alex, I thought "This guy is really talented and he knows it," and my first impression of Bryce was that he was really sarcastic and since I am very gullible, I knew I would have a hard time telling when he was kidding. When I first saw Miki, I first noticed how dang beautiful she was! Like insanely pretty. But overall, I was very happy with the other eleven and I knew that we were going to have a blast!

This season you can expect to see lots of laughter from me! I have fun doing almost anything and I love to spread joy wherever I go. But more importantly, I think you will see a lot of hard work and growth as a performer. Some of the other contenders have much more experience and are very seasoned performers. I, on the other hand, am super fresh and very open to learning a whole bunch of new things from people who have way more experience than I do.

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