Hannah on The Glee Project 103

I was definitely nervous about this week's theme. But I saw it as an opportunity to open up about what makes me self-conscious, and hopefully others will relate to it and feel inspired to keep putting themselves out there. I also thought this week could be a chance to overcome my insecurities and break away from what holds me back.

Well this week there is no choreography. It is all about opening yourself up on camera and allowing yourself to feel vulnerable, which is definitely not easy task.

See photos from this week's episode here.

The hardest things about this week’s assignment for me was facing what I deal with on a daily basis and actually putting it out there in the open. My vulnerability has to do with my appearance, so people can see it just by looking at me. Knowing that, it was hard to actually use words to talk about my insecurities.

See this week's music video here.

At first, walking around in public with a sign that said “Fat” on it felt like a knife to a preexisting wound. I know I'm overweight, and so does everyone else. But to actually write it on a sign and wear it around my neck was way harder than I expected it to be. But I had to push through, be professional, and make a darn good music video. After a minor breakdown, I was able to focus on the task at hand and I almost forgot all about my sign (almost..)

I learned this week that even though this may be a part of who I am now, it won't be forever. I just need to accept every aspect of who I am and not let anything hold me back. People are going to think what they want, but I know that all that matters is what I think about myself. And I like what I'm thinking :)

I was very surprised to see Emily go. I thought I was going to see her in the finale because she has so much talent and an amazing work ethic! I thought that she really put herself out there this week with her vulnerability and that she had earned her spot to stay. It was a sad day :(

See what Emily had to say about being eliminated here.

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