Hannah on The Glee Project 104

The hardest thing this week was learning all of that choreography!When I saw "Dance Ability" written on that board this week, I think my heart stopped. Dancing is definitely not my strongest skill, and by that I mean I am terrible. I knew this week would be a huge challenge for me. I was terrified of Zach and choreography.

At first, I was super nervous to dance for Harry, but after a bit I loosened up and actually had a really great time! I love the song "Hey Soul Sister" so it was a total blast to groove to. I knew that the homework assignment wasn't necessarily about being the best dance, but more about who worked best with what they had. So I just did my own thing and had fun with it.

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The hardest thing this week was learning all of that choreography! I have never pushed myself so hard in my life. I spent hours working on that dance, along with other contenders. When Alex took over the dance class I thought "Thank you, God!" I need all the help I can get... but seriously. It was nice of him to help others because he could have just focused on himself. It really felt like a Glee club this week.

When I finally got it down, I felt SO accomplished! Because of that, being on set and jamming to "Can't Touch This" was my favorite part about the week. And getting to show off my reversed worm wasn't bad either. :)

When Sam took credit for my signature rapping sound, “skadoosh,” I was a little hurt at first. I just felt like he was getting rewarded for something that wasn't necessarily his idea. But after I thought about it, I realized that Sam wasn't purposely trying to upset me or take credit for anything. He was just given an opportunity to stand out as the homework winner and he took it. I love that kid no matter what. :)

Besides feeling super sweaty and VERY out of breath during the "Can't Touch This" music video shoot, I actually felt like I was was a REAL dancer! I couldn't believe that I got my choreography down and was actually having fun with it! I felt really in character the whole time and I think I might have surprised the mentors. I'm pretty sure they were not expecting me to do as well as I did.

I had never been so relieved in my life than when I found out I was NOT in the bottom three! I worked so hard this week and I felt like I deserved to make the call back list. I'll be damned if "Dance Ability" is the theme to send me home!

But it always is really sad to see someone go. We all get closer and closer every week so it just gets even harder. McKynleigh is an amazing musician and has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. I am going to miss her singing me to sleep, but I know that she is going to go SO far! Taylor Swift better watch her back...

See what McKynleigh had to say about being eliminated here, and watch her extended exit interview here.
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