Hannah on The Glee Project 105

I was super excited about this week's theme, "Pair-Ability". Coming from a theater background, I am used to working with others onstage and feeding off of them to deliver a great performance. Also, GLEE is all about working together so I feel like this is a sneak peek into being in New Directions, which is amazing!

I was really happy to have Damian as my partner for "Need You Now". He is one of my closest friends here and there is no doubt we have a good connection. I feel comfortable with him and I think we worked really well together. And our voices sound pretty good together, if I do say so myself :)

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When Alex and I found out that our song was going to be "Nowadays", I was very excited at first. I had heard the song before and it was from one of my favorite musicals, "Chicago". Then, I realized that the song was VERY much Alex's element and I knew I would have to step it up ten notches to keep up with him. It was a little scary but I saw it as an opportunity to prove myself as a serious competitor.

I was totally shocked when we found out that three couples would be performing for Ryan. That was immediately followed by a little fear and some nerves. But it was very calming knowing that I would be singing with Alex. Even though he is a much more seasoned singer then I am, I knew that we would work well together and would give Ryan a great performance.

Getting to sing "Valerie" with Alex was probably the most fun I have ever had performing. I was SO nervous about meeting Ryan but the minute Alex and I started singing, everything just kind of melted away and I had a total blast! I think they chose "Valerie" for us because it is upbeat and fun but still has lots of sass, which is exactly what Alex and I are all about.

When I found out I was not in the bottom three I was totally shocked! Alex is such a strong performer and for Ryan to choose me over him was mind blowing. It was hard seeing Alex in the bottom three again, but my confidence was still seriously boosted. I felt like my first experience with Ryan could not have gone better.

As always, it was terrible seeing someone go. But Matheus is one of the most talented performers I have seen, and I know he has SO much to offer. I see him going very far. I am very happy to have Cam and Alex back, but it still blows saying goodbye :(

You guys should vote for me for the Bing Fan Favorite because I took on a whole new character this week. I really stepped out of my box and turned the sexy up! Also, I kept up with the DIVA and proved that I am here to stay. There might not have been a backwards worm, but I still rocked it. Skadoosh!!
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