Hannah on The Glee Project 108

I was very excited about “Believability” this week. Like last week, it was a chance to show my acting abilities, so I hoped it was my week to shine.

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I LOVE the song "True Colors". I was still really sad about Cameron leaving, and I feel like this song perfectly explained how I felt. Winning this homework assignment was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I feel like I have been working really hard and winning made me believe that I had a real chance at making it to the finale.

It was a dream come true getting to work with Jenna. I really look up to her, so getting a chance to work one-on-one was almost too awesome! She really helped me make sense of the song and portray what I was feeling. Also, she sang a little bit with me and I almost died of happiness! Haha.

This week's group number was very difficult. I felt like I did really well in the recording studio but then was confused on set. My part in the song was disconnected from what I was supposed to be portraying and I felt frustrated with my performance. But I did not give up and eventually got to where I wanted to be. It was the hardest acting challenge so far. This music video was all about acting. I felt like I identified with the theme of being in love with someone who does not love me back, so I had a lot to draw on for my character. It was just difficult to take the direction from Erik and the mentors and still give an honest performance. It was definitely a challenge.

The most challenging thing for me this week was staying strong and having faith in myself. The competition was getting very close to the end and that role on GLEE was within my reach. I learned that you cannot let yourself feel defeated, because then you have already lost.

I was not too surprised to find myself in the bottom three but that did not make it hurt any less. I knew I had some intense competition with Samuel and Lindsay, so I had to bring my A-Game if I wanted to stay another week. All I could do was my best. At first I was ecstatic to find out my song was "Back To December" because I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. But once I started rehearsing I felt like the song did not relate to me at all and was not the most flattering for my voice. But there was nothing I could do about it so I focused on giving the best performance I could.

I was blown away to hear Ryan say that I "was the show". It was very hard to hear that my lack of self-confidence was my downfall though. I also found it hard to be myself with Ryan and just say what was on my mind. Being there without Alex was a LOT different, to say the least.

I was absolutely heartbroken when I saw my name under "Not Called Back". I tried to prepare myself but there was no way to be ready for that kind of disappointment. Even though I was SO sad to know that I was going home, I still couldn't help but smile. When I look back on this experience 20 years from now, I am going to remember the time of my life. I have grown more than I could have imagined and I am leaving here with so much love in my heart and a smile on my face.

To the final four I just want to say never give up. You have all worked SO hard to be where you are at and I have faith in each and every one of you. You guys have made this experience magical for me and I thank you for that. I feel like you are all my brothers and sisters and I cannot tell you how much I love you. Just stay focused and give them hell! Skadoosh.

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