Hannah on The Glee Project 110

I was over the moon with joy when I found out we were all being brought back for the finale! My elimination was still pretty fresh, but any sadness I was feeling was wiped away when I saw the final four's smiling faces. It felt like I had been gone forever! It was SO much fun working with Zach and Nikki again! It was just like old times, but even better because there was basically no pressure. I could just relax a bit and enjoy myself!

Samuel, Alex, Lindsay and Damian all have worked extremely hard to be where they are at and I am genuinely happy for them.

It was the shock of the century when we found out both Damian and Sam had won the show. I think they both are great additions to Glee and I couldn't be happier for them both.

I have learned to be confident in myself and never give up! It has forever changed me and I am so grateful.

Right now I live in Los Angeles full time and I am beginning to go on auditions and hopefully start my career as an actress/singer. Being on The Glee Project was such a blessing and has opened up more doors then I could imagine. Even though I technically lost, I still kind of feel like I won. So bring it on LA! Here I come :)
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