Glee Insider: Darren Criss Is My Teenage Dream

Jill discusses the future of newbie, Darren Criss.What a week it has been for Glee newbie Darren Criss. He debuted on the latest episode, "Never Been Kissed", as Blaine – a friend and perhaps future love interest for Kurt. Since then, he has been confirmed as a new series regular and his version of Teenage Dream has become Glee's biggest-selling single ever in the history of the show. Ryan Murphy, creator of all things Glee, spoke with to discuss the impact of adding this actor to the show. "Darren has become such a sensation in one week, which I love. I think there's a hunger for him and a positive relationship role model."

There is definitely a hunger for him, that's for sure. Young, old, boy, or girl –- everyone was captured by Darren's instant charisma. It seemed that Glee fans unanimously accepted him into the McKinley High hall of fame immediately. I personally wonder what this means for Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Charice (Sunshine Corazon), the two characters introduced at the beginning of this season. Why didn't their arrivals have as much of an impact?

Perhaps it's that Darren Criss just has that X factor that is truly indescribable. Or maybe Glee fans were not ready at the beginning of the season for new blood. Personally, I'm hoping that all three of these actors remain on the show because they each bring something unique to the table. But if I had to choose one, I'm going to have to agree with Ryan on this one. Darren Criss is one of those overnight sensations that doesn't come along often and I'm starving for another single from him that I can play on repeat...everyday...over and over and over again. Will one of you be the next Darren Criss after you audition for The Glee Project? And don't forget to tune in to FOX tonight to see if Blaine makes his second appearance.

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