Glee Insider: Episode 5 - The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Halloween gave gleeks the chance to show off their best imitation of their favorite characters.A Very Gleeful Halloween

Halloween not only gave college girls an excuse to be slutty, it also gave all the gleeks out there the chance to show off their best imitation of their favorite characters. There were more than a few Sue Sylvester wannabes and some Cheerios (who may or may not have been knocked up). Here are some Halloween highlights:

@Noelle0619 and her friends did a Glee group, which I think is such a fantastic idea. From left, Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Tina made an appearance. These costumes were most likely put together last minute, from their own closets and on the cheap, which is usually how a good Halloween night comes together best.

@benlangdon really pulled Artie off to a T. I am loving the argyle vest and the glasses. My only question for Ben would be about that wheelchair. It looks like something my grandma threw out in 1976.

@xdebbiesmith pulled off a great Cheerios costume by getting the WMHS stamp of approval. Plus this super emo shot of her makes it a little more scary – perfect for Halloween!

@MarryMeOwen pulled off the cutest baby Sue Sylvester I've ever seen. OK, I'm sure whoever owns this Twitter account is not actually that baby; though if it was, Sue would be insanely impressed. And insanely jealous - she cannot pull off pink nearly as well as this kid.

And my absolute personal fav comes from The Weather Channel's own Mike Bettes.
@TORNADOHUNT There are no words.

The cast of Glee also got in the spirit as they gave their Twitter followers a chance to see what they came up with this Halloween:
How genius is this?! Chris Colfer went as Los Angeles. I have no idea how any of this was made or how it stayed on him but I would like that person to be my creative consultant for every Halloween from now on. Chris' back perfectly depicts the hellish traffic that is LA and the wrap around neck piece goes from the Santa Monica Pier to the downtown skyline. Just like Kurt, Chris' style is clearly top notch.

My first question for Naya would be, how the heck did you walk around in this??? Naya paid tribute to Pretty Polly in a lifesize way. I feel like Santana would comment on how great Naya's boobs look. I'm not sure the real Pretty Polly would be that risqué, but that's what Halloween is for.

Jenna Ushkowitz channeled another TV character as she portrayed Dr. Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy.  I have a love/hate relationship with this costume. I love that Jenna dressed up as a current TV star because I bet tons of young girls dressed up as Tina. I find that super meta and hard to wrap my head around. But isn't this sort of a cop out? Take off the name tag and you're just a doctor. Which is a classic, but I would dare to say, not super creative way to do Halloween. I give it a 5.5.

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