Glee Music: Episode 9 Special Education

Jonathan reviews the music from Episode 9 of Glee.Ladies and Gentlegleeks, I am livid.

Last night’s episode featured New Directions going to Sectionals, up against the Dalton Boys Academy Warblers and the GED-determined geriatric group, The Hipsters, and ended in a tie?

This is an outrage! Gleeks roared in discontent at the results, and I joined in – albeit for a different reason.

I hereby declare myself the new am-badass-ador for The Hipsters, and I demand a recount. If nothing else, the night should have ended in a three-way tie. Let’s be honest: if the Warblers can tie simply because they had nice vocals and some stiff-jointed dance moves (and a Kurt sub-plot), why should we ignore the group who actually suffers from stiff joints and still rocked it out?

The music from “Special Education” mirrored last season’s Wheels, Sectionals, and Journey to Regionals episodes (9, 13, and 22, respectively). Wheels featured Kurt and Rachel singing “Defying Gravity” together/separate, and last night they sang “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” For me, last night’s Evita homage didn’t come close to touching last season’s Wicked tribute.

Sam and Quinn started this year’s performance the same way Finn and Rachel kicked off their Regionals performance last year: walking down the aisle, singing a duet with love in their eyes. The auto-tuning was a little obvious as Sam belted out the beginning of “The Time Of My Life,” and the song lacked the same emotional power that “Faithfully” had, but it was refreshing to see the spotlight shared with some other glee club members. The same goes for Santana’s “Valerie” solo when compared to Rachel’s defining moment belting out “Don’t Rain On My Parade” last season.

I’m a sucker for a cappella music, so The Warblers’ “Hey Soul Sister” cover satisfied my need for eight-part vocal harmony; but if they wanted to win, they should’ve stuck with the chart-topping hit that was “Teenage Dream.” Am I the only one still perplexed that a Glee hit in rehearsal is never good enough for competition?

The music from last night’s episode was solid all around, and I’d say it was great, just not Glee great. That is, except for Mercedes and Tina killing it with “Dog Days Are Over” and The Hipsters’ version of “The Living Years” – those were Glee great. Now who’s going to campaign for a recount with me?

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