Glee Music Recap: Episode 10 A Very Glee Christmas

Jonathan reviews the music from Episode 10 of Glee.Jonathan reviews the music from Episode 10 of Glee. Most of the music from last night's episode appears on Glee's recently released Christmas album, which I'll be reviewing here next week. To avoid redundancy, I'm going to take this opportunity to discuss my favorite musical moment from last night's episode: A Christmas Shoe.

There are many moments during Glee when it's impossible to ignore the fact that this is not a show that lives and breathes on its own. Each new episode that airs results in another top 100 hit, and those with a cut of the profits would like nothing more than to see that trend continue on forever. There's undoubtedly some pressure, then, to select music for the episodes based on its marketability and earning potential, but the Glee creators have done a relatively fair job navigating that. One way they have done that is by not taking the show (and its hit-generating power) too seriously.

This is a show that knows its characters are not supposed to break out in song, and when they do, another character is usually quick to rein them in. Examples include Will turning off Rachel's CD rehearsal of "Crush" in the Ballad episode, or in the season 2 premiere when Sue interrupts Sunshine (remember her?) and Rachel belting out "Telephone" with a forceful "SHUT UP!"

Last night we had another great moment as New Directions gaily started in on "We Need A Little Christmas" before being interrupted by jeering class members and finally, a shoe. A shoe?

A shoe.

Taking her cue from the Iraqi journalist who bid former President Bush a contempt-filled "adieu" at his press conference in 2008, this brash McKinley High teacher decided that she (and by extension, we) shouldn't have to put up with this.

Go ahead, record your moderately arranged version of a Christmas song 1,000 other artists have recorded, and earn loads of cash for it. But remember this – never forget this: that shoe stands for freedom. It stands for our freedom to enjoy an hour of television comedy without you rubbing your commercial success in our face. It also stands for our freedom to rabidly purchase every mp3 and album you release, but that's not as important...

What's most important is that this is what Christmas is all about, isn't it? Red, white, and blue freedom.

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