Glee Music Recap: Episode 12 - Silly Love Songs

Jonathan reviews Glee's first event Valentine's Day episode.While Glee’s “official” return may have been Sunday night after the Super Bowl, a clear message has been sent to Gleeks everywhere: “Now we’re really back.”

Since Glee was on hiatus this time last year, this marks its first time giving us a Valentine’s Day special. After last night, I have to say that I believe the show has set the standard for all television Valentine’s Day episodes. To put it simply, Glee is tailor-made for Valentine’s Day. What other show can capitalize on the romance of the holiday by filling an hour of television with some of our most notable love songs?

Glee succeeded this week in avoiding to make this episode all about the music. Instead, we got some hilarious and touching performances that made sense with the characters singing them. How could you not laugh out loud as Puck rocked out to “Fat-Bottomed Girls” in a pathetic effort to woo Lauren Zizes, his new bad ass muse?

The choice of Michael Jackson’s “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” was a perfect fit for Artie’s vocal style and Mike Chang’s eye-popping dance moves (and how about Kevin McHale representing MJ twice in one week? Awesome!). With MJ’s extensive catalogue, I can only hope that Glee has successfully wooed the Michael Jackson Estate so we get to see many more of his songs get the Glee treatment.

We got two performances from the Dalton Warblers -- Blaine’s over-the-top Gap store serenade of Robin Thicke’s, “When I Get You Alone” and the Breadstix dinner special of Sir Paul McCartney’s, “Silly Love Songs.” McCartney’s song appears to stand out as Glee’s musical anthem to the haters and naysayers of the show, while Jeremiah’s response to the Gap store debacle reinforces Glee’s repeated mantra-- this show isn’t about people randomly breaking out in song. It has to be rooted in reality (well, Glee’s idea of reality, that is).

I couldn’t stop laughing as Tina cried through her tribute to Mike, totally butchering Ella Fitzgerald’s “My Funny Valentine.” Gems like this remind me that the show isn’t afraid to sacrifice a song for its comedic potential.

Finally, Rachel’s performance of Katy Perry’s “Firework” made me realize something. As the ambitious starlet, Rachel Berry (more so than anyone else on the show), develops through song. Sometimes her epiphanies occur awkwardly in music, and other times they work. Last night, for me, it worked.

In Silly Love Songs, Glee returned to the two things that make it a great show -- heavy doses of snarky, biting comedy and fun, uplifting pop songs sung by characters we love.

Happy Valentine’s Day Gleeks!
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