Glee Music Recap: Episode 16 Original Song

Well Gleeks, if you’ve been watching the show for the last year and a half, I’m sure you know that making history is sort of what Glee does best. First, it’s topping the charts, then it’s the awards, then it’s the most top 100 singles of any other artist ever, and now: original songs.

For many Gleeks, this episode has been highly anticipated ever since Ryan Murphy teased about it at ComiCon last year. Since the beginning, naysayers have dogged the show for being nothing more than glorified karaoke – a show exploiting the success of artists who are presumably more talented and worked harder to earn their success. We Gleeks know differently.

The naysayers can now hold their tongues. While the obvious polished hits are Rachel’s solo, “Get it Right,” and the radio-ready anthem, “Loser Like Me,” the episode was full of original music that flexed Glee’s creative muscles in a new, major way. Music producer and Glee’s original songwriter, Adam Anders, deserves major props for his work on the episode.

I really enjoyed the Regionals’ numbers suggested by the rest of the New Directions misfits. Not only were they funny, but also impressively produced, and true to the characters. Santana’s sultry performance of “Trouty-mouth” was a Nora Jones-inspired peek into Sam’s hilariously cruel nicknames. And, I’m not sure why it’s less offensive than Fat-Bottom Girls, but Puck’s “Big Ass…Heart” was rockabilly at its finest. His performance was worth the whole episode. While Mercedes’ song, “Hell to the No,” did play up on the line that became a catch phrase, the diva performance was a great reminder of what Mercedes has gone through, and why she shouldn’t be taking a back seat to Rachel.

Regionals was a bit of a letdown for me, considering the over-the-top competition that we saw in last year’s season finale. The Warblers, who are such a hit this season that they’re getting their own EP album, fell flat with an uncharacteristic Kurt/Blaine duet of “Candles” by Hey Monday, and a less than stellar performance of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” I stand by my critique that performing “Teenage Dream” or “Bills, Bills, Bills” would have earned them a win.  However, we can’t have another tie, so the New Directions kids are headed to New York for Nationals! But first: a month-long break. See you April 19th!

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