Glee Music Recap: Episode 17 A Night of Neglect

Jonathan reviews the music from episode 17 of Glee.Glee is back! Mirroring the renewal of spring, tonight’s episode felt like a return to the beginning of this season. Sunshine Corazone (played by the phenomenal Charice) sings a jaw-dropping solo. We’re reminded that Vocal Adrenaline is really New Directions’ main competition; and WMHS still, despite two competitive victories, doesn’t care about the Glee club.

Tonight was all about the things and people we’ve forgotten or maybe more appropriately, the things and people the show had seemingly forgotten. Artie, Tina, Mike, Brittany, and Mercedes want some recognition for the talent they bring to the table, and it is about time! With the benefit concert as the backdrop for their recognition, we got a chance to be reminded of how deep Glee’s talent really is.

Gwenyth Paltrow showed up again, but stuck around just long enough to remind us that Emma still exists, and to sing Will (and the rest of us) a break-up song. Adele is such a powerful performer right now that it’s hard to top her, but G-Pal gave a good effort. I don’t believe “Turning Tables” was her best vocal performance, but it served the story’s purpose, and was a heartfelt and beautiful performance from a memorable guest-star.

Mike’s dance number was brilliantly whimsical and it was so great to see this artist get his own solo stage time. Now I just want more, and I want it to be a Brittany/Mike dance duet.

Mercedes’ story was a nice sub-plot for this episode and it was great to see her getting some real camera time. She’s earned it, and her take on Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way” should make more than just avid Gleeks stand up and take notice. Get this girl a recording contract ASAP! She is officially the Princess of Soul.

The only problem I had with tonight’s episode was that, yet again, Tina’s vocal performance was pushed aside. She’s got great comedic chops, but the girl can sing, too! I was really excited to hear her take on Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers,” but the episode cut it short. That’s why I’m recommending it as a definite iTunes buy. Check it out. Buy it. Love it.

Next week, we’re going to get a 90-minute dose of Lady Gaga. Are you little monster Gleeks ready?

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