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Last summer, Gleeks everywhere overdosed on speculation when the news came out that Chord Overstreet was cast as Sam Evans, a blonde-haired, juicy-lipped heartthrob who would be joining William McKinley’s football team. The rumors spread like wild fire that this would be the boyfriend for Kurt that creator Ryan Murphy teased early in 2010. The anticipation for season two was palpable.

Season two premiered and by the fourth episode, something was wrong. Sam Evans was aggressively pursuing not Kurt, but Quinn? Gleeks were left scratching their heads. That is, until Darren Criss exploded on the scene with a smooth rendition of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and left us all wishing we would never wake up. To suggest that Blaine’s character has energized a season that began with mixed feelings would be an understatement. Every time he’s on screen, the girls and guys swoon.

So, while the fate of whom Kurt will end up this season is only partially answered, the question has been asked: who’s the better addition to Glee, Sam or Blaine?

I asked the question on Twitter and my Facebook fan page, and here’s what some of you had to say:
@liss98: “Sam is great but I gotta go with Blaine for I adore him”
@French_Pea “Blaine, hands down.”
@Lizsername: “BLAINE! Sorry Sam…”
Angie C. “Blaine! Love him”

Across the board, everyone who responded said they liked Blaine better. I’m not surprised. Blaine is an extremely charismatic performer with more musical talent (note: Sam’s terrible auto-tuning at Sectionals), and Glee has not developed Sam as a new character in many of the ways we - or maybe just I - expected.

If I have to share my opinion, it’s this: Sam and Blaine are both great, for completely different reasons. Sure, Blaine owns the screen the way a budding super-star does, and Sam doesn’t; but Sam also suffers from not being heavily involved in Kurt’s storyline the way Blaine is, which has received the lion’s share of attention this season.

As a character however, Sam is doing exactly what I want on a TV show – he’s showing more of what makes him tick each time we see him, and is becoming multi-dimensional. He also fits in well among New Directions’ cast of misfits.

I think Blaine is the fluffy eye- and ear-candy that makes Glee dazzling to watch, and Sam has the substance that can keep Glee moving after the music stops. Thank goodness we get the chance to see both in one show.

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