Lindsay on The Glee Project 106

This week’s theme meant overcoming obstacles and being "fierce", as Alex would say. I thought it would be a super fun week but I had no idea what was in store.

I thought "Bulletproof" was a great song for the theme! I mean, come on. The words "tenacity" and "bulletproof" go in the same category. I felt like the song called for lots of heart and strength.

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I was SO excited to do “Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby” because 1) I LOVE David Bowie and Queen, and 2) I used to have a crush on Vanilla Ice. Haha.

The dancing was SO difficult this week. I am really not a great dancer. I'm a mover. Teach me a step and I'll try to mimic it, but true dancing I am not so good at. The floor-work reminded me of all the hours of modern dance classes I used to take at my junior college. Not the best memories.

I LOVED (lovedlovedlovedloooooveeeddd) getting slushied. I loved it. There is nothing funnier, more surreal and greater than being slushied. What an experience!

This week, I learned that being tenacious isn't just about being a tough person or being perseverant. It's about staying true to yourself while pursuing your dreams. It was an eye opener.

When I found out that I wasn’t in the bottom three I felt relieved, but I was pretty shocked I wasn't there. I just didn't feel like I had the spark that the other contenders had, but I worked very hard during the week so it was a nice feeling to be called back.

Marissa being eliminated was more shocking than my first slushie to the face. It made no sense. At all. I thought she was a shoe-in to win the competition, and her going home didn't sit well with the rest of us. It was very empty in the girls’ dorm.

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