Lindsay on The Glee Project 110

I thought that Gleeality was a perfect final theme for The Glee Project. We had to be Glee, and we'd been working so hard for two months to become performers capable of being on the show. It was time to show what we were made of!

 FINALLY we get to sing "Don't Stop Believin" on TGP!! Just like being slushied, this song IS Glee. It's just one of those staples that you have to sing and be a part of, and it was such a perfect song to sing for the four of us. We hadn't given up once the entire competition, even when times were hard. We held "onto that feeling" and never let go.

When Ryan stopped the homework performance, I was freaking out inside!! I thought, "Holy hell, we've barely let one line of the song out and he already hates it!" I think we were all crapping ourselves. Haha. But he had a twist for us! THE TOP TWELVE WERE BACK!! I was so shocked and happy and overwhelmed. I couldn't get over how OVERJOYED I was to see everyone back. We are all a team. A family. No matter what drama or misunderstanding, we are there for each other, and to share the finale with them was a complete blessing.

I am a HUGE P!nk fan, so I was very stoked to be doing "Raise Your Glass" for the big group number. I can't believe we got to go on top of a roof!! SO AMAZING!! I will never forget that sunset.

I thought choosing our own songs for the finale was a really cool opportunity because none of us would be stuck with a song we weren't comfortable with or that we didn't know. We got to stick with what we were best at. I chose "Gimme, Gimme" from Thoroughly Modern Millie because it is such an empowering song about choosing love over ambition and choosing to follow your heart and leave inhibitions behind.

I stepped on stage and couldn't believe that everyone was there! It was so awesome to have everyone there to cheer the final four on! Such a blessing and a pleasant surprise. At that point, I felt that regardless of the results I had done God, myself and my family proud. I left that stage with no regrets.

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