Marissa on The Glee Project 102

When we received the theme for the week, at first I was a little confused about what it would entail, but “Bad Romance” is such a fun song so I knew it would be a blast.

Meeting Idina Menzel was like having the wind knocked out of me. She is so appallingly beautiful in person; I was sure I would be too intimidated to perform in front of such a legend. I was a little disappointed when I didn’t win the homework assignment, but that wasn’t the reason I got a little teary-eyed. Idina complimented me so much and essentially told me that I had achieved what the judges told me I wasn't great at: emoting through my performance! I was happy enough with that, especially because no one but Alex could have won that assignment and have been worthy enough to meet with Idina!

My favorite part of the music video shoot was being able to have a little more time talking to Erik White!! He’s so great. My costume for the video was Rockstar Barbie: a spandex sparkly blue bodysuit, pink hair extensions, etc. It’s an outfit that probably no one should ever try wearing if they don't want the world to see all their business, but I loved every second of it! I love costumes!

PHOTOS: See more of the costumes from the music video shoot.

I thought the decision to put Ellis, Matheus and McKyneligh in the bottom three this week was warranted for the most part. Neither Ellis nor Mckynleigh seemed to step it up from last week, which I understand, because being towards the bottom is discouraging! Conversely, Matheus seemed to fade into the background this week after shining all last week.

I felt awful that Ellis was eliminated. It was her second time in the bottom so it seemed that there wasn't much of a chance that she'd stay, but I felt that she left on a very sour note. I think some of the other contenders could have been a lot nicer and more helpful in her struggle to improve, and I think I personally could have done more to help her out too. That’s why I just broke down when she left.

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