Marissa on The Glee Project 104

I was excited for this week's theme, “Dance Ability”. It was just the refreshing change we all needed after last week's very heavy theme. I was also confident about this week because I'd had the most dance training out of the remaining contenders: 10 years of ballet, 5 of tap and modern, and scattered lessons in Flamenco, Hip Hop, and other styles. However, I had an instinct from the moment I saw the chalkboard that our "ability" in dance would not necessarily be the most important thing evaluated this week. Rather, it would be our commitment to keep practicing and perfecting the routines. I knew it was going to be imperative not to slack off this week!

It was nerve-wracking to dance in front of Harry Shum, because I knew I would not come close to his skills no matter what I did! However, he was pretty nice when critiquing us. Straightforward, but nice.

The hardest thing for me this week was making sure I didn't let myself give in to exhaustion or get too confident with the choreography. Even if I was able to learn it the fastest in my group, I knew that I should continue to practice it just as much as Damian and Matheus did.

I was perfectly fine with Alex taking control of the dance class. He is one of the most experienced dancers in the competition as well, and he has the type of "take-the-lead" personality that is much more endearing and humorous than bossy or annoying, so I think he was the perfect candidate to keep us together.

I had an absolute blast shooting the “Can't Touch This” music video. I loved the outfits (I wear Hammer-type pants on a daily basis :P) so I felt extremely B.A. However, I couldn't see very well through my pink glasses, it was absolutely blazingly hot outside to be dancing emphatically in so many layers, and Damian and I were dancing up on hosed-down, high-up wooden platforms! Yet, I think these challenging surroundings were beneficial in encouraging my desire to do well. I was goin' real hard.

See more photos from the episode here!

About the booty popping - it kind of just happened. The girls were instructed by Zach to do a booty popping line up on the stairs, and I guess he really liked mine ‘cause I got my own booty-popping solo. I was just thinking in my head: “Ok. Beyonce. Think Beyonce. Channel Beyonce...“ but after a few minutes, I was just joking around and spanking it. I couldn't help myself haha. Apparently Damian liked it though; his comment was funny- I have to admit :P Poor guy's been on lock down with the same girls for the past month, so I can't really condemn him!

This week, I discovered that pushing yourself is the key to doing well in this competition. You can’t let yourself get comfortable and complacent with the skills that you have. There is always, always, room for improvement!

I was sad that McKynleigh was eliminated because I felt like it was more indicative of the fact that she'd started to give up in the competition. The judges were giving her feedback that she found confusing and she didn't know how to fix it. But instead of using their critique to strengthen her determination to fix it, it felt like McKynleigh threw her hands up in the air and gave up. We all hoped that that would at least help her handle being sent home.

See what McKynleigh had to say about being eliminated here.

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