Marissa on The Glee Project 105

I think all of us saw a theme like “Pair-Ability” coming somehow, because teamwork is essentially what Glee is about. However, The Glee Project being a competition series where only one contender will come out on top, we had to take ourselves out of that "every-man-for-himself" mentality. We had to work hand-in-hand rather than side-by-side this week.

Cameron was a lovely partner for the homework assignment. As a relatively tall girl, it can be hard to book acting jobs sometimes if the opposite role is filled by a boy of even average male height. So being paired with Cameron was a little bit of an added treat in that way. Of course, he was an awesome, hard-working and cooperative partner too. However, I could tell there was a little bit of discomfort on his part when we had to pretend to be in love, so I didn't want to push him.

Winning the challenge felt like an out of body experience! So many times I came close to winning, even being runner-up, but never quite managed shine enough to be picked. Finally winning a challenge made felt like I had finally arrived in the competition and all my hard work had paid off! Standing out in pair felt like an even bigger accomplishment!

Okay, I know that by not picking Cameron as my partner for the music video I probably upset thousands upon thousands of die-hard Cameron fans, and some of my own as well. I see all the adorable mock movie posters of us together that you guys take the time to create, and Cameron and I both appreciate and lightheartedly laugh about it. I never expected this type of interest in us as a couple to occur, but it is so sweet nonetheless. However, while Cameron is no doubt amazing and certainly the type of guy I would be interested in dating in real life, performance compatibility is another matter.

It was essential for me to follow my intuition about Cameron's level of discomfort in our having to be intimate, and I don't think anyone can argue that my suspicions weren't spot-on! Picking Sam as my partner was nothing more than a business decision, as he had been runner-up in the homework challenge. It was the right thing to do knowing that the intensity of this week's theme would very likely increase, and Sam would probably be best suited out of the remaining contenders to handle the challenge. I'm certainly no psychic, but I've learned to trust my instincts as best I can, and I ended up dodging a bullet in the end.

Naturally, it sucked feeling like I hurt Cameron's feelings, but he is a smart kid who understands that this is a competition and there is no reason to take it personally. He was actually a really good sport about it and laughed it off. So I'm hoping I don't receive too much hate mail, guys! He's got a great girlfriend anyway! :)

It was great working with Darren Criss before the music video shoot! He just has this electric presence, in person as well as on television! And he is so, so well-spoken! During our session, he gave blush-worthy compliments to both Sam and me, and made sure to let us know that having fun is the most important part of all! I absolutely loved working with him.

Samuel was an excellent partner for the music video. He is a very focused, serious actor, which is something I really admire and appreciate. I think the song was chosen for us because it has an intensity behind it that would complement Sam and me as a pair, as we both have been told by the mentors that we tend to have intense presences on camera.

After being called back, Sam and I became really confused when we were waiting in the rec room for such a long time. When it dawned on me that we were the only two who were safe, it felt more like we were a pair of shipwrecked survivors, washed up on shore and kissing the sand beneath us! But there is only so much time to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for making it before you realize that there is still a battle ahead! I have learned to never let myself get too comfortable!

It was sad to see Matheus leave, of course! He started this competition with such a bang, and I remember how sure all of us were that he had it on the bag from the start. The pressure started to get to him towards the end, which is totally understandable. It has happened to all of us. Unfortunately, he just happened to be the one to go home this week because of it. But I know he will do great things in the future!
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