Matheus on The Glee Project 102

My first reaction to this week's theme was "NIIICEE" Haha. Not necessarily because of theatricality, but more because of ‘Bad Romance’. I am a huge Gaga fan. I definitely consider myself a "little monster," so I was super stoked to be able to sing the song. Since I won the challenge last week, I had a feeling that I probably wouldn’t win it this week. But I was willing to give the song my best shot and try to change the little part that I got and make it my own. My line was simply "I want your love... Love, love, love, I want your love." There is only so much you can do with that, but since it's "theatricality" week after all, then I decided to throw in a few of my riffs in there. I feel like I haven't really shown my vocal abilities that much yet, so I decided to show a few of my tricks during the homework assignment.

Meeting Idina Menzel was absolutely incredible! She is so talented and I definitely loved seeing her in the past episodes as Rachel's mom. I love theater, but I'm not the most vigorous theater fan in there, like say, Lindsay, or Micky; but I was still super stoked! Idina is a very beautiful lady! She is very composed and classy. There was something really genuine and loving when she hugged us and you could tell she was rooting for each one of us. Though I didn’t win the homework assignment, I was still very honored that Alex and I were the ones who stood out the most to her. That on its own is already fulfilling for me. Theater is one of Alex's main passions, so I would've picked him as well. He deserved it :)

My favorite part of the music video was playing the drum. Eric is such a fun director to work with; he gave great directions. My costume was super awesome too. I'm not too sure if I was fond of all the glitter, but I really liked the look of it. Besides, I got to wear major high heels rocker boots, so it felt good to be a few inches taller haha. Just playing... But no, really.

Going from being the winner all the way down to bottom 3 was a bit of an intense ride. I didn't quite understand Robert's critique - perhaps because my heart was pounding so hard I could hardly think. So I was a little confused as to why I was there, but everybody else is amazing, so it makes sense. I tried not to think too much about the fact that I was in the bottom 3. I tried looking at it with a positive mindset. I was going to be performing in front of Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee. That in itself is a huge opportunity! So I wasn't about to throw that opportunity away by being too nervous. I had to get my wits together. I've come so far... There has been way too many "No's" or "You're not capable" in my life, so I was set on showing him why I deserved to be there.

The song that was chosen for me was "Gives You Hell". I've heard that song a few times on the radio, but didn't really know the lyrics too well except for the main chorus part. One of my weaknesses is that whenever I get too nervous, I tend to forget lyrics, so that was one of the things that were worrying me. That song isn't really the type of song where you can showcase "vocals" because it's more of a shout out-singing sorta song, so initially I was a little disappointed. Then I started looking at the bright side and realized that the song is full of attitude. I thought that at least I'll really be able to show some personality with this song... so that's what I set out to do.

Performing in front of Ryan Murphy was definitely very intense! I was SOOO nervous! AND I felt like I was forgetting the lyrics a little bit, but I had to keep going! Thankfully I pulled through it. It wasn't my best performance, but at least I got the personality across. I was so thankful that Ryan liked my performance and decided to keep me in the competition.

But like every week, it is all bittersweet, because Ellis ended up leaving. I was very sad when she left. She is super talented! And now my short buddy is gone... Some of the other people were a little hard on her, but one thing I did notice towards the end is how her confidence seemed to boost up. I was very proud of her. No matter what, I know she will be very successful.

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