McKynleigh on The Glee Project 101

My favorite part of the homework assignment was that we got to sing in front of Darren Criss! Getting the opportunity to get feedback from a professional that has reached the goal that we are all working so hard to achieve was unreal. My favorite part of the video shoot was probably... Uhhh THE WHOLE DARN THING! I thought the whole process was absolutely amazing.

Living with my competition is certainly interesting. I would like to say that we all got along perfectly and that before we went to bed every night we sat in a circle and sang Kumbaya together... I would like to say that. And when you watch the show you will see why I can't ;) The house was like high school. You had the quiet ones, popular ones, class clowns, and the *ehmmm*, the rhymes with witchy ones...

As for the mentors, the one Ive connected with the most so far is Zach Woodlee. He is amazing. I want to go buy matching bracelets with him. I want him to be my best friend.

I was so sad to see Bryce go. I think that he had a lot more to show The Glee Project and that he could've gone really far in this competition. Bryce is like my big brother. I am closer to him than I am to anyone in the competition. I was devastated when he got eliminated. I cried for a long time =(

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