McKynleigh on The Glee Project 104

I was a little scared about the theme this week, “Dance Ability,” because the mentors told me I was having problems connecting with my movement in the weeks before. Vulnerability week I got off easy and did well because there was no dancing, but I knew this week was going to be a challenge. Performing “Hey Soul Sister” for Harry Shum was nerve-wracking! I mean, he is a great dancer and there is much to be desired about my dancing skills.

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The hardest thing about this week was coming up with my own dance moves in the homework challenge. But I think Lindsay, Alex, and I were the ones that felt most secure in our dance moves. And I was fine with Alex taking control of the dance class. I think we all kind of accepted Alex as our leader, or at least I did. I felt like he was just helping us. However, I could see how some of the others might have felt like he was being a little controlling. The best part about this week was the choreography for the music video, “Can’t Touch This.” I felt completely out of my element during the video shoot, but I tried to embrace it. I am no rapper, though, and I was soo uncomfortable. That’s a mistake I made, I let my nerves get to me.

I was not surprised to find out I was in the bottom three. I knew that I was going to be in the bottom three. Not only did I know… I knew I was going home. Sometimes I just get these undeniable feelings about things and I know how things are going to turn out and this was one of those things.

The Mentors wanted to see me "perform" a song. And “Last Name” is a song that requires lots of personality and performance. I was thrilled with my performance. I got out there and did the best that I could do. I think that’s why I didn't get too upset about leaving. I knew that I gave it my all, and I wasn't going to go unnoticed.

I was sad about being eliminated like any person would be, but this is definitely not the end of the road for me. I am going to keep trying and I am going to keep pressing on until I make it BIG. Don't be surprised if you hear me on the radio one day, because I am going to make that happen. I will definitely miss all of the friends I made, but I will never forget the experiences I had and everything that I learned.

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