Nikki on The Glee Project 105

This week’s theme, “Pair-Ability,” was a challenging one. Duets can be hard to pull off. But I think each contender did a fantastic job. I think the contender who had the best performance this week was Marissa. She really stepped it up. She played well off her partner, Samuel, in the video and was willing to open up and try new things in order to get the best performance possible. It wasn’t just about her, it was about the team. Marissa showed that she was versatile and could work well with others on a set.

Damian and Hannah also impressed me this week. They both really surprised me. Hannah just has this quality about her… when she performs she just lets it all out. She becomes a character and can maintain that character throughout the entire shoot. Hannah really impressed me because she worked well with Alex. I wasn’t expecting to see such a star!

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With Damian, I was really impressed to see him take on a leadership role this week. He is by no means a dancer, and yet he was teaching Matheus the steps at the shoot. Just hearing him say things like “let’s try this” and “why don’t we move this way” was really great. He had so much more confidence! It was nice to see him be able to step into that role. He even seemed older in the music video. Playing an older character in “Lady is a Tramp” allowed us to see his more mature side. I felt like I was watching him grow up before my very eyes!

In terms of the music video shoot, I think Damian and Matheus had the hardest song to pull off. “Lady is a Tramp” was out of both of their comfort zones, but the both did really well! Sam and Marissa’s music video for “Don’t You Want Me?” was my favorite though. They had such amazing chemistry. All of the contenders did well in their songs. When choosing the duet pieces, we picked songs that would fit their voices as well as challenge them! It was a tough process!

I think we all learned something this week. I know I learned a lot about the contenders. As I said before, I learned that Damian has great leadership qualities. It was great to see him step into a leadership role. Cameron, on the other hand, I learned is very sensitive, especially when it comes to his acting. It is still a very new thing to him, so sometimes he has a little trouble getting into that head space. I also learned that Lindsay is very generous when working with a partner. She is a team player and pulls her weight, which was good to see. And finally, I saw that Alex was actually quite comfortable in drag! In fact, I would even say that he is more comfortable in drag. It was nice to see him shed that layer and step out of his shell.

I think the contenders can take something away from this week as well. If they did not before, they should now understand that performing is not just about you. Even if you are performing a solo, there is often a band or someone else on stage that you have to incorporate into your performance. A good performer realizes that other people need to share the spotlight in order for it to be the best performance possible. The biggest thing is to be generous and realize that it is not all about you.

The people that ended up in the bottom three this week were all there for different reasons. Matheus was there because he sometimes has a hard time breaking out of his default position. He has a tendency to be very intense, almost aggressive at times. His duet with Damian needed to be more light-hearted and fun. Matheus needs to work on being more… easy breezy, I guess you could say.

Alex was in the bottom three this week because he has a hard time staying in character. During the shoot he was either on or off. There really was no in-between, whereas Hannah was constantly in character. Alex needs to work on getting into character and not breaking out of it.

Finally, Cameron was in the bottom three because of his acting. Like I said before, it is still very new to him. He is amazing in recording sessions. His singing was a ten out of ten. But he needs to work on acting and being “on” as soon as the camera points his way.

Eliminating someone this week was extremely difficult. Matheus was ultimately eliminated because he struggled to break out of this default position/character. He had been given several chances to show us he could, through direction by Robert as well as last chance performances for Ryan Murphy, and he just didn’t quite get there. Matheus is still an amazing performer, though, and I know he will continue to grow as a performer and do great things in the future.
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