Robert on The Glee Project 103

Vulnerability is an extremely important aspect of being a great performer. Allowing people to see your flaws, your heartaches, is one of the most critical elements in making an audience care. Coming off of last week's theme of "Theatricality", vulnerability could be considered the other end of the spectrum.

Dot was the perfect choice for this week's guest mentor because her character on GLEE, Coach Beiste, has had some of the most poignant moments on GLEE. Dot has been able to access her own vulnerability expertly, and therefore, make those moments shine. Dot told the contenders about an example from her own life in which she has been emotionally hurt -- she described her own personal pain and how she uses it in her acting.

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During the Homework assignment I was very impressed with Emily, Alex and Damian - each was the most simple I had seen them. I also thought Marissa was extremely real, simple and vulnerable, and Matheus did a wonderful job too, obviously, as Dot picked him as the winner.


This week’s music video, "Mad World", was completely different from the two previous video songs "Firework" and "We're Not Gonna Take It". The previous songs are incredible, but they are fun. "Mad World" is a song in which the contenders were able to use the mood of the song, as well as the lyrics, to display their vulnerability. I think it is such a beautiful song.

The contenders wore words on signs on their bodies which expressed each of their own personal insecurities. This was done to force them to get in touch with their vulnerability. I gave each contender different and personal advice, depending on what their specific issue was. My goal was to help them show their true emotions in the song.

This was a very difficult challenge and the mood was somber on the set the day of the video shoot. The contenders took their challenge seriously and ultimately all of them did an excellent job. They were all brave. When I watch the video now, I think every contender appears committed to their characters. As the competition progresses, in order to select a bottom three we, often, have to find the tiniest thing with which to fault them. On the day of the shoot, several people were standouts. Hannah, Alex and Matheus all did an excellent job. Samuel was so still and powerful and really popped in his close-ups. Marissa reminded me again how she also pops in a close-up, and I think she found her stride this week. For the first time McKynleigh was so simple and seemed very committed in a real way. I have to say, watching Emily in the video, she did an excellent job.

This week, choosing the bottom three was extremely difficult. All the contenders had dug deep -- and some had dug very deep. Cameron and Damian were both in the bottom for similar reasons -- they are just pretty "together" young men, without any big issues. Neither is extremely emotional and neither had as much to draw on as some of the others. Not to negate their word choice in any way – but "misunderstood" (Cameron), and "numb" (Damian) are more difficult words to express than some of the other people's words. Also, Damian has a habit of pushing and he was doing that a little bit in the shoot. Although, having said that, there is a close-up shot of Damian on the escalator which I think is absolutely wonderful. Emily ultimately did amazingly well in the video. What you see on the screen is a different Emily then we had seen up to that point. She was in the bottom simply because she was in and out of character while shooting (in between takes she would laugh and joke). Now, some actors work that way, everyone has a different process which works for them. However, there was discussion that if she had been more focused she might have even been able to go deeper in her performance.


It is just getting more and more difficult to eliminate anyone as all the contenders are so talented. I can't speak for Ryan, but I think Emily was sent home because, ultimately, we have her type on the show, and Damian and Cameron seemed more specific and, therefore, easier to write for. Ryan loved Emily and he thought her Last Chance Performance was outstanding.

See what Emily had to say about being eliminated here.

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