Robert on The Glee Project 104

I think the contender who did the best this week was Samuel. Not only did Harry choose Samuel as the homework assignment winner, but Samuel also popped in the music video – he was relaxed, creative and fun.

I think that winning the homework assignment gave Samuel a real boost of confidence. I think we saw Samuel, really saw him, for the first time this week.


That said, I believe that all of the contenders have grown over the course of these past four episodes, some more than others. I think the contender who has shown the most dramatic change between week 1 and week 4 is Damian. He has been struggling with his performances – he has either been too big and presentational OR he has lost his wonderful personality when singing and fallen a little flat. This week something seemed to click within him. He was obviously well outside of his comfort zone doing rap, and obviously the least skilled dancer. However, he fully committed to a character and for the first time he relaxed into his performance. He made us laugh with him, not at him. He was hilarious!


Several of the contenders really stood out during the music video shoot for “Can’t Touch This”. As I said, Samuel was terrific – he appeared polished and in control and at ease. And I think we saw a fun side of him for the first time too. Lindsay continues to prove she is extremely committed – she gives 100% at all times. Rap was obviously very outside of her comfort zone, but she came up with an idea for a character and she embraced it. She is always rehearsing, which is impressive. She also is “on” the moment the director yells action and the cameras start rolling – she doesn’t wait for her particular moment in the song - she is performing from the minute she hears the music. Also, she is always trying new things to see what works for her. Hannah was wonderful as well. She may occasionally struggle in the recording studio, or in this case, the dance rehearsal, but when she actually shoots the music video she brings it. She was creative, fully committed and a lot of fun. I just love watching her. Marissa has arrived in the competition. It may have taken her a while to stand out, but she is standing out now. She seems to have found herself and she is confident and powerful in her simplicity. And last, but not least, Damian was so, so much fun.


See more photos from the episode here!

The lesson the remaining contenders should take away from this week is that they need to try their hardest at all times. Don’t say you can’t do something – go for it! Arguably, the two best dancers, Alex and Matheus, were in the bottom three this week, when the theme of the week centered around “dancing. And the least skilled dancer of the entire group, Damian, sailed through based on his effort. With effort, comes a positive energy and strength, which can manifest itself into growth.

McKynleigh has been struggling since the start to translate her performance style to film. She is used to the stage, and we have been working on helping her be open, but at the same time not too big or presentational. Last week, in the vulnerability episode, she stripped everything away, and she was simple and very successful in the shoot. This week she had difficulty getting the energy back and giving the song the punch it needed. Therefore, she ended up in the bottom three. I feel Matheus was in the bottom three because he put a great deal of pressure on himself this week. We were always telling him he was one of the best dancers, and I think he let it get to him and the stress affected him during the video shoot rehearsal. Alex has been struggling with finding a happy medium between being too big or having no energy at all. He seemed in kind of a funk at the video shoot, and it took him a while to bring his energy up.

As always, the songs for the bottom three are chosen for each individual contender to make them shine – to give them the best chance of showing their best to Ryan.

It was a tough decision to send McKynleigh home - really tough. She seemed to have a very positive breakthrough right before she sang. The song was perfect for her and she performed it with the same energy and confidence she had displayed when she first auditioned for the show. She was terrific in her Last Chance Performance. McKynleigh is a beautiful girl, with a beautiful smile and an incredible voice. I said from the start her voice was one of my favorites throughout the entire audition process. She is also a wonderful performer. Her challenge all along was to learn to perform for the camera, and her Last Chance Performance showed that she was getting there – she showed a lot of growth. Unfortunately, it is ultimately a competition and someone has to go home.

See McKynleigh's exit video here.

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