Robert on The Glee Project 106

Having tenacity is of the upmost importance for the contenders to make it in the entertainment business. In some instances, tenacity may even be more important than talent. In the face of all the rejection, failure and criticism, being tenacious is what will keep your head above water.

Max Adler was the perfect guest mentor for this week’s theme of tenacity, as his character (Dave Karofsky) embodies the ultimate high school bully and the GLEE characters have to be tenacious in dealing with him. Also, the music video involved slushie-ing, and Max is the pro.

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All the contenders threw themselves, literally, into this week’s homework assignment. I think the standouts were Marissa, for her creativity, and Samuel, for his fierce focus. However, I do think that Cameron and Alex showed more fire than they ever have up to this point, and Hannah was a lot of fun too.

The music video shoot was thrilling, exhausting and fun. It was also by far the roughest shoot yet for the contenders. This particular music video happens to be one of my favorites. We shot all night long and it was extremely tough on everyone. It was a cold night and the kids shot all night long. Even we, the judges, finished at 6am. There are a couple of moments which stand out in my memory – Hannah was a total delight in her solo, Samuel was electric when he was being slushied, Lindsay and Damian were dynamic, and when Damian came up the stairs with such ferocity I felt like he had arrived for the first time in the competition.

Several people struggled this week, but none more so than Cameron. He was unable to continue singing when the cold slushie hit him, and Erik White had to finish Cameron’s solo without him being slushied. However, what was eventually captured on camera of Cameron was great. Marissa, for the first time, just seemed a little less dynamic than ever before. Alex, was a little disconnected, but by the end of the solo was more powerful than we had seen him up to this point. So when we were picking the bottom three, we had to take all of these “struggles” into consideration.

The contenders were asked to sing their original audition songs for two reasons. One, it was fun and different. But more importantly, they had all had such a rough night with the freezing cold slushies, that we thought that they deserved a little bit of a break. We didn’t want to put them through any more misery with learning a song they didn’t know.

As always, I can’t speak for Ryan Murphy and why he chose to send Marissa home. I think she was eliminated because in person Alex and Cameron’s performances were both electrifying. Still, I have to say it was a shock that Marissa was eliminated. She had been consistently strong and grown leaps and bounds week to week. However, this week both in the recording studio and in the video shoot she seemed slightly less powerful. In her last chance performance, she was great but just a little more forced than before – her strength has always been in her subtlety. Ultimately, I think that in the moment, Alex and Cameron, for the first time, seemed a little clearer as characters to write for. Again, it’s always hard to lose someone, and Marissa is a real loss. She is enormously talented as an actress and a singer. She is special.

The most important thing that contenders should take away from this week is that they have to stay focused. Tenacity is important, very important.

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