Robert on The Glee Project 107

Sexuality was chosen as a theme this week because sexuality/chemistry is of the utmost importance on most shows – and most certainly GLEE.

Ashley and Mark were the perfect guest hosts this week with the theme being sexuality. Their relationship on the show is wonderful. It is sexy, but they never try hard. They play it cool and as a result they are fun to watch, which makes them and their relationship appealing.

At this point in the competition the stakes are so high and the contenders are under such pressure that I am amazed at how polished they all are. Each of them struggles and soars, depending on the moment. However, their individual growth is impressive, and it has become increasingly difficult to single out who may have struggled the most in a particular week. In the homework challenge, they all went for it. I actually think that Cameron embraced this challenge with a lot of gusto, especially considering he found the theme of sexuality uncomfortable. You really wouldn’t have known it from watching his performance. I also thought we saw a completely different side of Hannah than we had seen up to this point. Samuel was terrific and, therefore, won the homework assignment.

In this particular music video, all six contenders rose to the occasion, and Zach, Nikki and I found it impossible to pick a bottom three by finding fault. So instead, we picked our top three.


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Damian went in to the Last Chance Performances this week coming off of a very strong week. He did a nice job in the homework assignment, but he did an exceptional job in the music video. It was the first time I could see him as a true leading man. We found it difficult to put him in the bottom three - he was right on the cusp - but as I said we had picked the top three. In Damian’s section of the song with Lindsay, though he showed strength and a subtlety in his acting we hadn’t seen yet, she was just a little stronger in her performance. They actually had wonderful chemistry together. Later, when Damian was practicing “Danny Boy” to sing for Ryan, he did beautifully. He seemed so emotionally connected and we were engrossed watching the monitors. However, for some reason, when he actually performed it for Ryan he appeared to be a little disconnected – it lost all the emotional punch it had had less than an hour before. Still, he sounded beautiful, but it just wasn’t as effective as Alex or Cameron’s performances. I think it was simply because he has performed “Danny Boy” so, so many times that it lost a little of its impact, and for that reason alone, it was just not as emotional as it could have been.


I was surprised Cameron decided to quit the competition. I knew he had been struggling – I had talked to him about it – but I didn’t know quite how hard it was on him until he actually said he was leaving. I was terribly disappointed. Obviously, I have been a tremendous fan. I hated to see him leave after all he had been through. I felt that his growth as an actor had been slower than the others, but he was growing. I felt he added a lot to the competition and selfishly didn’t want to see our show lose him. I always felt he would be great on GLEE. Also, I was concerned he was making a potential life-changing decision at the height of exhaustion and stress. At this point in the competition all the kids were so tired – emotionally and physically, and none more so than Cameron. I was sad, we all were, but never for a minute was I upset at his reasoning. Even though I didn’t see the big deal in kissing, he did – and that is all that really matters. However, putting him in the bottom three this week had nothing to do with his not kissing Hannah. I respected him for standing by his convictions – and I still do. In hindsight, if he hadn’t been so absolutely exhausted, who knows if he would have quit. Maybe he still would have. Yet, he made the decision, he stood by it, and it was a pretty impressive stand for a young man to take – whether you agree with it or not. As sad as I was with Cameron leaving, I was happy that what came out of it was Damian staying. We will all miss Cameron, but he will do great in whatever he does. He is a fine young man. As I have stated several times. I think he has “it” – that special something that cannot be described. I love his voice and I think he is an impressive song writer. I think Cameron is a star!


The remaining five contenders need to stay focused, but most importantly they need to enjoy the ride. This is a once in a lifetime experience, and they need to try and enjoy every minute of it.

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