Samuel on The Glee Project 105

I was really stoked to jump into duets! Duets are a big part of GLEE and it was awesome to finally get to perform some.

Singing “Need You Now” with Lindsay was awesome. She is a great singer and she means business, so it was easy to get to work with her. We were both on the same page as far as committing to the song goes.

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I was stoked, and shocked, when Marissa chose me to be her duet partner. She is the one out of the 12 that I have known the longest and she is a gorgeous girl so I was immediately excited to work with her.

Being Marissa’s partner also meant that I got to work with Darren. He is such a cool guy and I really enjoyed working with him. He told us just to have fun and really connect with each other.

I was excited to sing “Don’t You Want Me Baby” with Marissa. I loved watching Darren and Lea do it on GLEE so I was thrilled to get a chance to belt it out myself. I think Robert and Darren chose this song for us because it’s a classic song with a modern twist and I feel like both Marissa and I relate to that.

I was shocked, and stoked, when Marissa kissed me during the music video. I feel like it was a great way to get a genuine response out of me on camera because I did not see it coming!

It felt amazing when Marissa and I were the only two that were safe. It’s always nice to get off scratch free and it was an honor that my partner was the one that got to share that freedom with me. I was nervous after our video and to get that kind of recognition for it felt amazing.

I think Matheus is a huge talent and although it’s always sad to see a brother go, but I have no doubt in my mind that he will do great things.

Fans should vote for me to be the Bing fan favorite because if I win I will record music for them that they can get for free!!!
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