Samuel on The Glee Project 108

I wasn’t being vulnerable enough. I was a little confused at first because I didn’t really understand what we were trying to make believable. Every week was supposed to be believable: believe we are sexy, believe we are tenacious, believe we are theatrical. So I was confused and then intimidated because of that realization.

At first I was disappointed to sing True Colors because Cyndi has a very high voice and I was like how am I gonna work this out for my voice? But after I played with it a little, I loved it. I might even bust it out in a YouTube video or something soon.

I was stoked for this week’s group number – “Only Exception”. It’s a great song. At first I had no idea why in the world Nicki assigned me the big finish. I mean, with Alex and Lindsay being our belters, I thought she would give it to one of them, but after I figured out how I wanted to sing it I was glad I got the part and I was happy to do it. It kinda felt like the first time I REALLY sang.

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I was in a weird space for the video. The whole point of the video was to be longing for Hannah and the person I was focusing on in my mind to draw that emotion from, quickly turned from longing to just anger. The person I was focusing on from my past was someone I had longed for at one time. But now that situation just makes me a little bitter, so I feel like my "longing" face didn’t come through in the video well. I just looked mad and I was very upset with my performance. It was for sure my personal worst to date.

The most challenging thing was being in the bottom 3. I was actually excited to be there and meet Ryan, but there was no way for me not to be nervous. I wasn’t shocked. I was ready and scared, of course. I felt like I had extra pressure on me being that I was the last person to do a Last Chance Performance. I was discouraged but I knew that if I was gonna have any chance at getting on “Glee” that I would have to sing for Ryan personally and impress him, inspire him.

I was stoked when the mentors told me that I would be singing “Animal.” I love that song! It’s a challenge and I knew that it would push me, but I wanted that. I wanted to work hard for Ryan. Tyler from Neon Trees, is kind of like a hometown hero where I used to live in Murrieta so that was cool too.

I was shocked that the main thing Ryan wanted from me was vulnerability, I never thought that that would be the deciding factor for him. It sucked to hear that I had a missing piece but I felt great hearing straight from the lion's mouth what I needed to do to move forward.

I was very sad when Hannah was eliminated. In the beginning, seeing people leave wasn’t that bad because there were still so many of us left. But since we were a small, tight family I hated seeing her go. I just knew that things would be less joyful and light now that she was leaving. Love You Hannah!

It felt amazing to be in the final 4. It felt really good having sung for Ryan and making it out alive with great advice and a renewed determination. It was the first time I really believed that I could actually get this role on “Glee.”

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