Samuel on The Glee Project 110

I was ready to forget why I was there and just feel the song.When I heard this week’s theme would be “Gleeality,” I thought OF COURSE! That’s the perfect make believe word to embody everything that this competition has come down to. At this point in the competition it wasn’t about talent at all anymore, it was about how right for Glee you were.

And then when I heard that “Don’t Stop Believin’” was the song for the homework assignment, I was stoked! It’s the most iconic song of glee, it’s essentially the theme song, and it perfectly tied in with the word of the week.

When Ryan stopped the performance right at the beginning I was like oh crap, we suck that bad? I mean you DO NOT want to let Ryan down, I kind of panicked.

But when the contenders came in all at once I was shocked. I didn’t expect it at all. It was great to see everyone and to see them in a supportive vibe instead of an “I wanna beat you” vibe. They all looked great.

I loved Blaine's version of “Raise Your Glass” on Glee, and it’s a great party song, so I knew the video was probably going to be super fun to do. I was anxious to get in the vocal booth and sing it out!

I was very cool with “Animal” and “My Funny Valentine” being chosen for me, but with choosing my own song, I would know exactly what I wanted to showcase to Ryan for him to potentially choose me for the win. It was great that I could choose a song that is totally me and totally what Ryan wants from me at the same time.

I chose the song “Jolene” because I'm a big fan of the song, and I absolutely love how Jack White did it, I remember watching that video for the first time when I was 12 and getting lost in his performance, forgetting that the song was a country song, forgetting that the lyrics were from a women's point of view, just watching it and feeling Jack's emotion. I knew that if I could get close to performing it like that and make Ryan forget that I was competing for something and just make him see me, make him feel me and feel the song, that I would have this. I knew that it would be a risk, but I knew that if I could pull it off that it would pay off. It just felt right and obvious that that would be my choice.

When Ryan told me I had won the competition, It was the craziest feeling I have ever felt, it was like every single cell and emotion in my body was buzzing all at the same time. I forgot how to function, I was scared and happy at the same time, I wanted to just scream. I have been trying to break in to this business forever now and to hear that I was chosen out of so many people to be the next cast member on one of the most influential shows on TV just overwhelmed me. It felt like the opposite of dying, like my life flashed and all the times I have heard no just didnt matter, like nothing else mattered, just that moment. It was like I was in the right place at the right time, I could not have been happier. I was breathing so hard and I thought my heart would burst out of my chest. Im trying to fully describe it right now but I cant it was just so insane.

When Ryan said Damian won too, it really felt like I had won twice. I had told him on numerous occasions that If I didnt win that I would want him to. He is such a humble guy and him and I just became brothers while filming the Project. I really get that guy and I was thrilled to share our dreams coming true with him, It was like we both knew exactly how the other felt and we didnt have to freak out alone.

When Ryan announced that Lindsay and Alex also got episodes on Glee I thought that was awesome, it just made everything a lot more family oriented and joyful!

Throughout filming the Project, I have learned to be myself and not to care so much about what people might want from me, and rather just do things for myself. My faith really grew and I just learned that passion and faith can take you really far.

I just want to thank every single person that is #teamsamuel and every single person that supports our show and Glee, thank you so much, even to the haters. Peace and love and I cant wait to start filming season 3 of Glee, I wont let you down.

I was super stoked to see everyone in the audience cheering us on. I loved having their love in the crowd, it felt much more like an actual show instead of being judged, and I was feeling very good about the competition and I was ready to forget why I was there and just feel the song.
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