Glee Recap: Episode 11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Shelly recaps what happened in Episode 11 of Glee.After a two month-long break, Glees hyped-up post-Super Bowl episode did not disappoint. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle opened with the Cheerios rendition of California Gurls, complete with pyrotechnic bras and BMXers doing aerial stunts. Despite this stellar performance, Sue finds herself bored and feels the need to top herself. This leads her to investing in a human cannon, but more on that later.

Drama arises out on the McKinley field, and theres more tension than ever between the guys of New Directions and the rest of the football team. This problem escalates to the point where both Coach Beiste and Mr. Schuester feel the need to intervene. They decide to make the football players join the glee club for a week in an effort to promote team unity. As expected, theres a lot of disagreement on both ends. Rachel and Puck perform Need You Now, which although a great performance, did nothing to appease the football players.

We find out that Sues become restless, constantly trying to find new ways to outdo herself. When even a tattoo of herself on her own back doesnt do the trick, she decides to get a human cannon for the Cheerios next routine. Of course, she targets poor, impressionable Brittany to be the human cannonball.

Principal Figgins eventually finds out about Sues cannon and puts a stop to it. Sue, beside herself with anger, goes on a rampage through the school, destroying everything in her path. In an act of revenge, she decides to move the big cheerleading competition to the night of the championship football game, leaving the team without a halftime show and forcing Quinn, Santana, and Brittany to choose between Cheerios and New Directions. Unfortunately, their desire to stay popular beats out their love for glee club, and they agree to stick with Sue.

When Finn hears about this, he goes off on Quinn for abandoning New Directions. Sam quickly comes to her rescue, questioning Finns ability as a leader. Will jumps in just in time to stop them from getting into a fistfight, and the scene cuts to the guys of New Directions rehearsing with their newest football player additions.

After a zombie-fied version of Shes Not There, the football players all seem to be okay with the idea of performing together. That is, until the hockey team approaches and slushies them all in the hallway. Karofsky, still very insecure, leads the rest of his teammates in withdrawing from glee club. As this goes against the conditions sets for them, they all get kicked off of the football team and Beiste is left short players for the championship game.

Over at Dalton, things are much happier, and we get to see Blaine lead an a cappella performance of Bills, Bills, Bills. Afterwards, Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, and Blaine meet to catch up over some coffee, where the girls explain the situation over at McKinley. Blaine, whos apparently an expert on high school sports, informs them that the team is only four people short. This news inspires Rachel and Mercedes, and they, along with Tina and Lauren, decide to join the football team so that they can play the championship game.

Meanwhile, Brittany, although still very afraid of dying, gets manipulated into agreeing to be shot out of the Cheerios Sue-cular weapon, the human cannon.

Cut to the night of the big game. McKinley High doesnt do so well in the first half, but Finn comes up with a plan to save them, proving to everyone that he can still be a good leader. He gets Puck to convince the football guys to come back and perform, and has Sam play quarterback for him so that he can go talk to Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, persuading them to return as well.

Everyone (except Karofsky) comes together during halftime for interesting twist on Michael Jacksons classic, Thriller, mashed up with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll. The crowd loves it, and Karofsky, seeing the positive reception, joins in halfway through. Beiste, touched by the return of her team, allows them to play the second half. Its a close game, but McKinley manages to scrape by with a win.

After the game, we find Sue being interviewed by guest star Katie Couric for a Loser of the Year segment. Sue, who lost the competition due to the absence of her star Cheerios, is told that her budget will be going to the glee club. Were left with one very angry Sue Sylvester, but chances are shell get her revenge soon enough.

The episode ends with Quinn and Finn in the hallway. The former, impressed with the way her ex-boyfriend handled things during the championship game, kisses him and walks away, leaving Finn, along with the rest of us, very confused. Could she be trying to rekindle an old flame, or was she just caught up in last nights events?

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