Glee Recap: Episode 14 - Blame It On The Alcohol

Shelly recaps Episode 14: Blame It On The AlcoholThis weeks episode begins with Principal Figgins telling Will about McKinley Highs latest epidemic: teenage drinking. As a result, the school hosts an alcohol awareness week, and Figgins requests New Directions to perform for the school.Will, who was already struggling with Sue becoming Aural Intensitys coach, learns that Emma is looking for a house with Carl. We find out that all of these things are starting to take a toll on him, and Sues no help when she accuses him of being a future alcoholic.Back in the rehearsal room, Puck tries to get Rachel to host a party while her dads are away on a cruise. Rachels reluctant to break her parents trust, but after performing her original song, My Headband for Finn, she agrees to the party, hoping itll give her some inspiration for her song writing.Rachels party starts off slow, but things get crazy when Puck convinces Rachel to break into her dads liquor cabinet. Everyone (except for Finn and Kurt, who are the designated drivers) gets wasted and reveals their inner party animals. Rachel drunkenly confesses her feelings for Finn, but Finn, recognizing the signs of too much alcohol, talks her out of it. Rachel then decides to start a game of spin the bottle; Brittany and Sam are the first to kiss, and Santana is clearly jealous. Next, Rachels spin lands on Blaine, and the two share a steamy moment that makes Blaine question his sexuality.The next morning, Blaine wakes up in Kurts bed. Unfortunately for Kurt, Blaine was just too drunk to go home, and nothing happened between them. At school, despite being very hung over, the New Directions kids put on a stellar performance of Blame It (On the Alcohol). Will is impressed and naively thinks that the glee kids are just acting drunk for the song, and tells them to choose something more appropriate song for the assembly.Beiste, noticing that Will seems to be stressed, asks him how he handles his stress. When Will answers with exercise, she decides thats not enough and invites him to go out to her favorite bar with her. Meanwhile, Kurt becomes jealous of Rachel and attacks Blaine for considering that he may be bisexual. Although Blaine eventually does come to the conclusion that hes 100% gay, hes right in pointing out Kurts hypocrisy and insensitivity to his situation. Will, after having a fun night out with Beiste, comes home very drunk and tries to leave Emma a voicemail telling her how he feels. In his drunken haze, he accidentally calls Sue instead of Emma, and leaves an embarrassing message on her phone. For the alcohol awareness assembly, New Directions decides to perform Tik Tok, or as Principal Figgins likes to call it, Tik and also Tok by Ke-dollar sign-ha. The performance starts off strong and goes well, until everyone starts throwing up from the alcohol. Despite this blatant display of drunkenness on school grounds, the song is effective in scaring the kids of McKinley High into not drinking anymore. At the end of the episode, Will has all of the glee kids pledge to stay sober until at least after Regionals. To show that he really cares, he even offers his phone number in case any of them fall of the wagon and need a ride home.
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