Glee Recap: Episode 6 Never Been Kissed

Shelly recaps what happened in Episode 6 of Glee.This week's episode opens with Finn and Sam in the locker room, both lamenting over their prudish girlfriends. Finn imparts some not-so-wise advice to his teammate about how to cool down when things get too hot and heavy (Season 1 throwback, anyone?); unfortunately, Coach Beiste is the mailman in this situation.

At New Directions rehearsal, Will brings back the boys vs. girls competition with a little role-reversal twist the girls are to sing a mash-up of traditionally male songs (Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer), and vice versa (Stop in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind). He also announces their competition for sectionals: The Dalton Academy Warblers and The Hipsters. The former is an a cappella group from an all-boys school, and the latter is a group of elderly people getting their GEDs.

Puck and his mohawk finally make their return after a stint in juvi, but Puck doesn't seem to have learned his lesson. He decides to help Artie around school and with Brittany, misguidedly thinking that this will count towards his community service obligations. The two end up bonding over this experience, though, and Artie agrees to tutor Puck in geometry while he does some real community service.

In the hallways of McKinley, Kurt continues to be picked on by the football player, Karofsky (Max Adler). Will notices this and tries to console Kurt, but Kurt is left feeling alone, unchallenged, and above all, unhappy. This all changes when he visits Dalton as a spy for New Directions, however, meeting and finding hope in Glee newcomer Blaine (Darren Criss), who is an out and proud student at his school.

"Never Been Kissed" lives up to its name with not one, but two unexpected kisses. With the first one, we find out why Karofsky has been so relentless in his bullying of Kurt, and there's more to it than ignorant homophobia. The second kiss, fortunately, is a much more positive exchange. Shannon confides in Will her insecurities spurred by the New Directions boys' insensitivity, and reveals that she's never been kissed. Whether you thought Will and Beiste's kiss was awesome or awkward, it was a sweet gesture on Will's part that brought the two closer together all the same.

While the musical numbers in this episode weren't particularly extraordinary (with the possible exception of Teenage Dream), the messages it carried are much more memorable. This was an inspirational, empowering episode, and we saw some amazing performances from Chris Colfer, Max Adler, Darren Criss, and Dot-Marie Jones.
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