The New Additions

In this season of Glee, weve had not one, but two prominent additions to the cast: football player and New Directions member Sam Evans, played by Chord Overstreet, and Blaine the Dalton Warbler, played by Darren Criss. Both guys contribute a lot to the show in their own unique ways.

Sam, although a star football player, is not your average jock. While he was initially hesitant about joining New Directions and has his flaws like everyone else, he eventually overcame them and decided to join, and has been a key member ever since. On top of his amazing voice and guitar-playing skills, hes a great friend to his fellow glee clubbers. He stands up for and defends Kurt when hes being bullied by Karofsky, and gets into a fight in the process something that even Finn wasnt willing to do. Hes also the perfect new boyfriend for Quinn, which must be a nice change for her after all of the baby drama with Finn and Puck.

Blaine, on the other hand, happens to be a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers, one of New Directionss rival groups. Hes got a wonderful voice and sings lead on most of the Warblers acapella songs. Although hes technically the enemy, he plays a key role in the show and is a big positive influence. The fact that hes able to be open about being gay and goes to school happily has such a strong impact on Kurt that Kurt decides to transfer to Dalton. Only time will tell whether or not this was the best move for Kurt, but either way, theres no denying that Blaine is a very inspirational character.

So whos the better addition to the Glee cast? Is it the blond football player whos much more than the typical jock, or the curly haired Warbler whos an inspiration to everyone gay or straight? Personally, I like them both equally for different reasons, but if youve got a preference, feel free to comment below with your thoughts!
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