Abraham on TGP 201: I was really surprised because I did not expect a shocker that early on in the competition.

Walking into The Glee Project house was definitely an experience I will never forget. For one, the house was incredibly nice (there were these overhead lamps over our dining table made of cassette tapes!) You could totally get a sense of all that would take place in the house in the time to come, haha. It was also so great to finally see everyone again, especially since I hadn't seen them since callbacks and had absolutely no idea who would make it to this point.

All of the contenders this year are so different from one another. For example, Tyler seemed very introspective and just an overall incredible human being. Initially, I was uncertain about Blake because he was the cool, good-looking dude that I would expect to never pay any attention to me in high school, but I ended up being completely wrong. Ali was just a bottle of sunshine that could not be contained. After all is said and done though, I knew that everyone was talented and in it to win it. So while I could guess who I would become closest to in the house, I also kept it in the back of my mind that everyone was competing for that one coveted spot on GLEE.

Within this competition, I think I bring forth a personality and performance style that stand on their own two feet - and that's what sets me apart from the rest of the contenders. I have a certain edge and spice, if you'll call it that, that I think hasn't been seen on GLEE yet, especially from a male character. Also, while I initially thought that being older than most of the contenders might serve as a disadvantage, I think that it equips me with a sense of maturity that some of the other contenders might lack. I understand that while this is an extremely exciting time, this is also work for us and I'm here to win, bottom line. And whatever, I look young enough, so get over it hahaha.

I’m choosing not to focus on the others or who would be my biggest competition. We're fourteen unique individuals with different performance styles and personalities. I think what's important now is for me to bring forth the strongest me I can possibly present before the mentors and if need be, Ryan Murphy. Hopefully they can be inspired by who I am as both a performer and an individual to have me continue on in this competition and through those doors of McKinley High.

When I found out that there would be 14 contenders instead of 12, I was really surprised because I did not expect a shocker that early on in the competition (technically, the competition hadn't even begun yet). At the same time, however, it gave me a sense of great pleasure knowing that we all did so well that Ryan had to go with 14 contenders instead of the expected 12, haha.

I think the biggest source of intimidation coming into this competition was the fact that I had absolutely no experience in both acting and vocal instruction while everyone else had either one or the other. Oh yeah, and did I mention the whole prospect of possibly going home? Yeah, that too.

I wasn’t surprised when Robert told us that our first homework assignment was to perform “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. When we found out 'Individuality' was the theme, I suspected that we might be given 'Born This Way' as either a homework assignment or for the big group number. I mean, what screams individuality more than an artist that 'walks' the red carpet of the Grammys in an egg only to get onstage or starts bleeding onstage at the VMAs? It was a given and I was definitely excited that this song would be the song to kick the show off.

When I saw Lea Michele walk through those doors before the homework assignment, I literally had to stop myself from peeing my pants. I had hoped that Lea would come as a guest mentor sometime during the season, but I did not expect it to happen so early on! Plus, Ryan was already there, so you know if there's pressure to do well, that was the time.

During the performance, I just turned 'on'. Regardless of whether it was my solo or I was just dancing in the background and singing background vocals, I knew that I had to be on at all times and make sure that their eyes were fixed on me even when it may not have been my turn. In the end I think the performance went well! I was happy with how I had done. It reminded me that I was enough and that I could win it all if I put my heart and soul into this competition.

As for choreography, Zach is was so much fun to work with. I love that man so much and when it came to work with him and Brooke on the choreography, I was so excited. I mean, I may not be Harry Shum Jr. or Heather Morris, but I like to dance. I had so much fun and it was awesome to be able to learn so much and yet have so much fun getting the job done.

My first one-on-one session with Nikki went really well too. Walking into the recording booth, I was obviously a little nervous, especially because I had seen Nikki's reactions to some of the contenders' performances from last season. I was determined to have fun and show her my vocal chops. When I heard her say, 'That's so… Abraham' though, that made my day. It was 'Individuality' week after all and I'm glad that she was able to see what I could do as a vocalist.

Going into the music video, I was really excited to get the ball rolling! I mean, aside from all of the nerves you would expect from shooting your very first music video, I had always dreamed of being in my own music video. There I was, working with the rest of the contenders and having our music video be directed by Erik White. Let me say that again - Erik White, people. Even hearing our version of “Here I Go Again” for the first time, I cried. It was such a humbling and gratifying experience that I'll never forget.

I was a little nervous about playing the drums because… well, I don't play the drums in real life! But I just tried to think of one of my best friends who plays the drums. I tried to just keep him in mind and embody his spirit. It was also a lot easier to rock out when I was onstage in my rock star gear under those lights, I must say so myself.

Overall, however, I felt confident with my performance in the music video. I busted through those swinging doors like some ravenous beast and tried to work that camera like it was my job (actually, it is technically my job, so I guess that analogy doesn't work too well). I also felt really good during the choreography segment of the video. While I would hardly consider myself a dancer, I think that one of my strengths as a performer is that I can pretend to dance pretty well. I had so much fun during that part of the video shoot.

I guess I'll leave it up to all of the fans to decide whether I worked it out with the guy-liner, crazy hair, leather and all. I definitely had a lot of fun working on this video and hopefully that excitement and work that I put forth translates well in the music video.


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