Abraham on TGP 202: I felt this weight on my shoulders to deliver.

When I found out that this week's theme was “Dance-ability”, I was so excited! I love dance music. Whether I'm in the car, at a dance, or in the privacy of my own home, blast some pop and dirty hip-hop and you've got yourself one crazy Abraham. At the same time though, I was slightly nervous because while I've never had any formal dance training or experience under my belt, a lot of the contenders referred to me as the best dancer on the show. As a result, I think I definitely felt this weight on my shoulders to live up to those expectations and to deliver.

Taryn is my girl, so when I found out that she was leaving the competition, I was really upset. Taryn is such a sweetheart and we have this connection that means so much to me. We just clicked. She shared with me her personal struggles, we had inside jokes, and it was definitely a surprise for me to find out she was leaving. Having said that, I know that Taryn will be more than fine regardless of whatever walk she takes in life. She's smart, talented, sweet, and beautiful, and I wish nothing but the best for her. Light of Damascus, boo!

It being Dance-ability week, I was really pulling for Heather Morris to walk in through those doors. I love Heather and her character of Brittany on GLEE, so when I saw that it wasn't her, I couldn't help but feel a little disheartened. But that moment quickly passed when I saw Samuel. I was definitely excited to see him. After all, he won the Dance-Ability homework assignment last year and went on to do very well that week.

I know people won't believe me but I'm not confident 100 percent of the time and I'm definitely not this arrogant guy that feels a sense of entitlement to winning everything. As much as I werked the homework assignment performance - and I WERKED - I didn't think I was going to win, so it definitely came as a huge, and very pleasant, surprise.

I think the one piece of advice Samuel gave me and really served as that ding! Light Bulb moment was when he told me to not control everything. He told me to not be so calculating, but rather allow the music to control me and my movement. That's some deep stuff right there.

To be honest, I have no idea why the group as a whole struggled with this week’s choreography so much. In terms of my individual group (Aylin, Lily, Charlie and myself), we practiced a lot. Like, a lot. I'm a perfectionist, so I must have done that 8-step at least a few hundred times - and no, I'm not exaggerating (ask Tyler or Blake). I think, however, there was a lot of confusion with regards to what parts we were supposed to lip-sync and when exactly we were supposed to do our freestyle and 8-counts. Consequently, a majority of us (if not all of us) were confused as to when we were supposed to lip-sync, when we were supposed to jump in and do our 8-counts, et cetera. Regardless, it was our responsibility to seek out that information and get the job done and we definitely failed in that aspect.

At the beginning of the music video shoot (the shot of me walking through the hallway), I was honestly really nervous and just over-thinking everything. That adversely affected my performance in the beginning half of the day. However, when it came time to do all the other scenes in the video, I think I steadily got better and it showed in the music video. I had every last step of the choreography down, though I was unsure at times as to what, and when, I was supposed to lip-synch. I also spoke with Zach during the shoot, so that definitely provided me with some clarity as to what I was doing versus what I should be going.

I'm not sure if you saw, but did you catch my reaction to Blake and Aylin's kiss? I think I said something like, “Are they sucking each other’s’ souls out?!” I mean, at least they're committed to getting their job done, though I think it teetered on the boundary of work and play. On top of that, there's Charlie over there seemingly sulking about not getting to kiss Aylin, but I think it was more about him not being in the scene. Regardless, I'm sort of indifferent to it all. As long as I don't hear or see anything that will make me shriek in terror, I'm fine.

In retrospect, I'm not super proud of my performance in the video. Is it bad? Far from it. Is it the best that I could have done? At the time, yes. If we shot the video now, would I do better? Today, I would serve out a performance on a silver platter that oozed reality, dance-ability, and a whole lot of snap, crackle, pop. You have to remember that I had no acting experience whatsoever prior to this show, so while I delivered a strong performance given the circumstances at the time, it's definitely not a performance which, I believe, is definitive of my abilities today.

It was strange finding out Dani had not been called back. In a way, I was shocked that Dani wasn't called back because… I mean, it's Dani-freaking-Shay. She already has a huge fan base, has such a distinct look, and is just so ridiculously talented. Plus, everyone saw her as a frontrunner even at callbacks and we all thought she was going to get pretty far. I think the changing point came for me though when I heard the mentors' feedback for her: that while she is talented and knows who she is as an artist, that as an actor, you sometimes have to push yourself beyond who you are and be an extension of that person. I think in that regard, I definitely understood what they were talking about and just had that feeling that she would be sent home. Either way though, I know that she's going to continue on with her career and it's only going to get bigger and better after this. And people, stop comparing her to Justin Bieber! In the words of a certain pop queen, it's Dani Shay, bi-ch.

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