Abraham on TGP 206: Being told that Fearlessness was the new theme was a nice change in pace.

Fearlessness, baby! Boy was I excited for this theme, especially after being called back the week before. I remember being so overwhelmed with gratitude that I was there for another week, so I definitely felt renewed with a greater sense of determination. Plus, after being in the bottom three for the first time and being petrified of my fate within this competition, being told that Fearlessness was the new theme was a nice change of pace.

Having grown up in the nineties (yes, I'm that old hahaha), I had heard "Now That We Found Love" a bit during my earlier years. I mean, I didn't know the lyrics at all with the exception of "Now that we found love what are we gonna do with it," but I knew that it was a fun, up-tempo track that would require a lot of energy and fearlessness. I was excited to put the homework assignment together and perform it for Robert and the guest mentor...

…who was JANE-FREAKING-LYNCH. Dear God, Jane Lynch is nothing like Sue Sylvester. She is such a kind, humble, and inspiring human being and that definitely showed as she watched our performance and gave us our feedback. At first, it was mildly intimidating performing for the core of all evil scheming that takes place in GLEE, but having her interact with us and crack jokes about me as the Asian boy dressed in pink definitely eased any anxieties I had prior to performing in front of her, haha.

After the performance, Jane delivered the news that we would be shooting the music video for "Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another" in a pool, which was (to be completely honest) mildly terrifying. I don't think even my fellow contenders knew this at the time, but I had a slight fear of water because I nearly drowned twice when I was little (at the beach and in the pool). However, I remember one thing that Jane told us when talking about the theme of Fearlessness and it was something along the lines of this: everyone has their fears and inhibitions, but fearlessness is about channeling those emotions toward your performance rather than letting it paralyze you from doing so. With that in mind, I was determined to not let my anxiety get the best of me and deliver the best performance I possibly could regardless of whether I would be slushied or singing underwater.

This is the funny thing about slushies: everyone thinks that it's this amazing experience that every person on The Glee Project is required to experience since they want to be on GLEE; and while the latter portion of that statement may be true, slushies are HORRIBLE. I don't think I'll ever be able to salivate at the sight of a slushie ever again because being hit by one (or a thousand) is literally like getting bitch-slapped by Jack Frost (plus some food coloring) repeatedly and nobody likes an angry and cold Jack Frost, do they? It's such a shocking sense of pain that hits you, so be careful what you wish for, guys! Steer clear of them slushies if ever someone comes after you with one. Run away and never look back, hahaha.

Ali is such a trooper. What I always loved (and still love) about Ali is that she never brings attention to her "disability." If anything, she uses it to set her apart from everyone else and to show that with a little modification or two, she can do it all. I mean, the girl can surf. I can't. Need I say more?

Watching her get slushied though was so hard for me to watch. At first, I was so confused by her screams because we were just returning to the pool for another shot, but then I realized that she had trouble breathing. My heart broke for Ali because she is such a fighter and I knew that she was not happy with herself, but I am so proud of her. She is a fighter in every sense of the word and I admire her for stepping up to the plate whenever possible. 

Watching the music video, I was happy with my performance. It was, I think, the most fun I had on a video shoot up until that point, so to see all of our hard work and pain come to fruition was so rewarding to watch. After last week's bottom three, I felt as though I had stepped up my game and did my best to project on camera. However, I was sort of disappointed because when I was getting pummeled to death by slushies, I had a lot of fun and tried to werk it out as best as possible, even going as far as licking the slushies off of my finger, but that wasn't included in the music video! Other than mild omission, however, I was happy. 

Having Charlie be eliminated this week was sort of hard to swallow. I know that Charlie can sometimes be a bit much at times, but he is such a lovable person. In all of his quirkiness, I love Charlie and after he left, Blake and I were talking about how there was this looming absence in the house in the wake of his exit. You can say what you want about the guy, but the man definitely has a presence and it was definitely missed.

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