Ali on TGP 206: I was ready to make a fool of myself.

When I found out that this week's theme was Fearlessness I was super pumped! I love challenges that scare me so I was hopeful that I would really be pushed out of my comfort zone. When we found out the homework assignment song I was a little confused. Rapping? Me? Okay fine, I was a little excited and very ready to make a fool of myself.  Seeing Jane Lynch in person was a dream come true! She's one of my favorite parts of GLEE and the fact that she was in our very own choir room was thrilling.  She is so wise and witty! 

When we found out we were going to be shooting the music video in a pool I was excited and nervous.  I am a really strong swimmer but my body temperature is very extreme.  I also was curious about what we were going to have to wear....

When it was my turn to be slushied in the video I had a weird feeling in my gut. My body is very sensitive to cold and I knew I was going to be pushing my limits.  At the same time, the idea of getting slushied sounded awesome! I love challenges! After I got slushied, my body went into shock. I was sitting on the bench covered in cold, colored ice and I couldn't breathe.  I was terrified.  I began to cry as I was gasping for air. It was so scary to feel like I didn't know what was going on with my body.  But everyone was so supportive of me and I was okay after I warmed up. I can look back at the experience and realize that I AM happy I did it! I would have majorly regretted not getting slushied, plus it almost felt like an initiation into the GLEE family! :)

When I found out I was one of the first people called back it felt amazing.  The entire week I had worked really hard and that video made me stretch not only as an actress but as a person.  I did not give up and wanted to participate even after I got slushied.  I didn't want to leave my team and let them down.  The other contenders became my family that day.  They took care of me and I felt like they would always have my back.  I am so grateful for them!

Are you Team Ali? Check out her videos here.

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